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Tom Woods: The Libertarian Speech I would give to the whole country

Tom Woods, historian and liberty activist, participated in the Texas Libertarian Convention June 9, 2012. His opening statement included that he would be making two speeches, the first 40 minutes being his speech to the masses to draw them to libertarianism, the last 20 minutes regarding his thoughts on the Libertarian Party.… Read more ...

South Dakota Libertarian Convention 7/14/12 Invite

The following is an invite for everyone to join the 7/14/12 South Dakota Libertarian Convention

Everything here is at http://www.sodaklp.org/

You’re Invited!
to the
2012 SDLP Convention
in the Convention Room at
Pro’s Bar and Grill
912 N Dakota St
Vermillion, SD 57069
next to the Prairie Inn motel

Saturday, July 14 (please REPLY if you plan to come, so we have an idea)
FREE TO ATTEND! … Read more ...

LPO 2012 Primary Early Returns Strong

Posted in full with permission from Wes Wagner at Libertarian Party of Oregon

Chairperson Wagner Declares The Election A Success

The first Libertarian Party of Oregon Primary, being conducted by mail ballot, has very strong early returns. A total of 302 ballots were picked up and processed by the election tellers on June 14th.… Read more ...

Arizona Libertarians opens their primary to non-Libertarians

For several years Arizona Libertarian Party has held closed primaries. Our Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, is actively trying to reach more libertarian-minded independents through his 2012 presidential campaign. The Libertarian Party continues to be the voice of reason, freedom and independent thought in American Politics.

Read More: Arizona Libertarian Party Opens Primary to Independent Voters

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NY Conservative Party celebrates 50th anniversary

New York’s Conservative Party celebrated its 50th anniversary Wednesday, June 13th.

Brothers-in-law J. Daniel Mahoney and Kieran O’Doherty founded the party in 1962 to counter liberal Nelson Rockefeller’s domination of the state’s Republican organization. It proceeded to do so — and then some.

After the 1964 Goldwater debacle, the Conservative Party’s success showed that conservatism was far from dead.

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Independence Party of Minnesota hopes to win five to six legislative seats

Mark Jenkins looks to state legislative races as “winnable objectives” for his party.
“The attitude has been favorable for many, many years,” Jenkins said of voters choosing third-party candidates.
Republicans and Democrats, through their narrow politics and squabbling, have created fertile soil for the IP, Jenkins explained.
“The opportunity has been good, and now it’s even better,” he said of the party of Jesse Ventura securing legislative wins.

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George Phillies’ “Liberty for America” Discusses LP Convention Floor Fees, Posts Brief Written by Chuck Moulton

This article was posted to the May/June edition of Liberty for America, which is written and published by George Phillies.

Background from George Phillies (p. 6):

Floor Fees

Contrary to all precedent in living memory, National Convention Director Ruth Bennett imposed a poll tax, floor fees, on delegates who wanted the privilege of voting at our National Convention.

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George Phillies: New York in Same LP Region as Nevada?

Posted in the May June Liberty for America 2012


New York Kidnapped by Capozzi


By George Phillies


The New York Libertarian Party had seemingly promised to join a Region with New England. It did not do so.
Readers puzzled by the attachment of New York to the LNC Region including Nevada should note that the trans-location had the end result of returning Brett Pojunis to the LNC. … Read more ...

Libertarian Party 2012 Convention Draft Minutes

The draft minutes for the 2012 Libertarian Party convention are now available.


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Transparency Becomes Issue for the Libertarian National Committee

After last May’s Libertarian National Convention (see here and here), one of their new At-Large members, Starchild (who is also a writer here on IPR) started an email list called LNCDiscussPublic.  For the past couple of weeks, those who are interested have been able to follow along with the email conversations of the members of the national committee.
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More LIVE Blogging from Texas LP Convention: Morning Sessions, Lunch Speaker, Senate election about to occur

Texas Delegates voting for Senate Candidate

Dallas Texas, Photo shows balloting for the nomination of the US Senate Candidate from the Libertarian Party of Texas.  Prior motion to use Approval Voting passed without objection.

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Constitution Party Seeks New Logo

This is also from the new newsletter.

Plans are underway to establish a new national logo! This is something we want to use not only for the national party, but something state parties can use and tweek to meet their needs. This will help us present a unified front when it comes to branding our product to the public.

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