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Minnesota Republican Party punishes office holders who supported Independence Party nominee

from Ballot Access News
Minnesota Republican Party Bars Two Former Republican Governors from 2012 National Convention, Because They Supported Independence Party Gubernatorial Nominee

On December 5, the Minnesota Republican Party voted to ban 18 Republican office-holders or former office-holders from participating in any official party activities for the next two years. … Read more ...

NY Capitol News: Story about the Independence Party, and its chairman’s strategies

In New York, if you want to remain independent as a voter, you check the box on the voter registration form that says you do not wish to enroll in  a party. (This status is often referred to as “a blank”.)  Also on the voter registration form, is the option to join the third party called “The Independence Party”.… Read more ...

Green-turned Democrat-turned Green

I posted this at onthewilderside as “A peek indside a caucus, and inside party politics: Tom Cleland” Many of the characters in this story are in the Green Party or were in the Green Party. -KW

Posted at Toms Stream blog and sent as an e-mail announcement from Tom Cleland:

Subject: I hereby resign from the DFL
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 4:35 AM

On Sunday I participated in my SD44 DFL [Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, the “Democratic Party”  in Minnesota] convention, seeing for myself once again that the Democratic Party is where progressive politics goes to die.… Read more ...