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Pat LaMarche: Buy President Obama a History Book

Pat LaMarche

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Common Dreams
by Pat LaMarche

“My fellow Americans, for nearly seven decades, the United States has been the anchor of global security. This has meant doing more than forging international agreements — it has meant enforcing them.

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Former Green Party VP Candidate Pat LaMarche Interviews Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

By Pat LaMarche, 2004 Green Party vice-presidential candidate and 2006 GP candidate for Maine Governor. The following is taken from Green Party Watch and the Epic Journey Facebook page. 

I met with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio this week. I was excited to meet with him for many reasons. I was hoping against hope that he could clear up something about the role the criminal justice system plays in the lives of the poor.Read more ...

Author Stephen King launches liberal Maine radio show, with 2004 Green Party VP nominee Pat LaMarche as host

From the Bangor Daily News:

Horror novelist and Bangor radio station owner Stephen King announced on Tuesday a new talk radio show featuring a former vice presidential candidate and a former Maine secretary of state’s communications director.“We wanted to shake things up a little bit in the market,” King said…

Former journalist, Bangor Daily News columnist and gubernatorial candidate Pat LaMarche will be joined on the show by Don Cookson, a former reporter and communications director under Secretary of State Matt Dunlap.

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Pat LaMarche’s weekly columns now published on Elexn.com

Skyler McKinley, a staff member of Mike Gravel’s presidential campaign, has alerted me to the fact that he will now be publishing former Green Party vice presidential candidate Pat LaMarche’s weekly columns on the website Elexn.com.  An excerpt from the first is below:

The minute I saw the magnitude of the Japanese quake last week — 8.9 — I was struck motionless in my seat. 

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Maine Green Party Will Have no Candidate for Governor

Reposted from Ballot Access News:

On March 15, Lynne Williams announced that her petition drive to get on the Green Party’s primary ballot for Governor will not succeed. See this story. Although the Green Party is ballot-qualified in Maine, it still has ballot access problems. That is because Maine is one of three states that makes it very difficult for members of a small ballot-qualified party to get on their own party’s primary ballot.

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Bangor Daily News: ‘the two-party standoff would end if another party asserted itself’

The Bangor Daily News is a newspaper in Bangor, Maine, which has former Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Pat Lamarche as a columnist and where the Greens have had moderate success.  In an editorial, the paper stated:

It’s a long shot, but the two-party standoff would end if another party asserted itself.

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Pat LaMarche: ‘Fire the politicians who lost the last decade for us’

2004 Green Party vice presidential candidate and 2006 Green Party Maine gubernatorial candidate Pat LaMarche has a column in the Bangor Daily News of Bangor, Maine.  In today’s column, she wrote about breaking free from duopoly politics.  Read the full thing here.

I’ve been advocating for other options in the ballot box since before this last dismal decade began.

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Pat LaMarche, candidate and columnist

Green Party vice-presidential candidate and candidate for governor in Maine Pat LaMarche has a weekly column in the Bangor Daily News.  This was recently brought to my attention and here are a few of her columns:

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The Tipping Point profiles Maine Green gubernatorial candidate Lynne Williams

Posted by Mike Tipping at The Tipping Point

On Tuesday, the 2010 race for the Blaine House began with the official announcement of the first gubernatorial candidate, Green Independent Party chair Lynne Williams. Other candidates such as outgoing Attorney General Steve Rowe have made their intentions to run clear, but Williams is the first to make a public announcement.

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Malik Rahim profiled in the San Francisco Bay View

Full article here.
Additional IPR coverage here.

Pat LaMarche, Green Party candidate for vice president in 2004 and for governor of Maine in 2006 and author of “Left Out In America: The State of Homelessness in the United States,” writes in the Bangor News: “I’m staying just a few blocks from Jefferson Davis Parkway.

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Les evenchick: Malik Rahim campaign needs volunteers more than it needs money right now

Writing in response to the previous post, Pat LaMarche: Malik Rahim campaign needs money more than it needs volunteers right now, Les evenchick says:

As a volunteer for Malik Rahim in New Orleans, I don’t understand Pat’s comment.

She does not hold an official position in the campaign as far as I know.

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