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Nader: Apply the standard of patriotism to the U.S. multinational corporations

from Nader.org:

Stripmining America-Unpatriotically
by Ralph Nader / 4-22-11

It is time to apply the standard of patriotism to the U.S. multinational corporations and demand that they pledge allegiance to the United States and “the Republic for which is stands…. with liberty and justice for all.” This July 4, 2011 would be  good day for Americans to demand such a corporate commitment.

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Robert Bird: Of Wars and Conservatives

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Robert Bird, 2008 US Senate nominee of the Alaskan Independence Party:

“My country, wrong or right” is an old folk-slogan meant to demonstrate the importance of patriotism in war, but any person with a brain understands that such a mouthing has only limited virtue. It is time that conservatives wake up to the reality that our nation will rank in history as one of the world’s biggest outlaws and bullies, and demand that this business of endless war is not suited to us.… Read more ...

Dr. Tom Stevens covers Libertarian National Convention

New Libertarian National Committee Elected: New York Delegation Backs Most Winners (excerpt):

Three separate ballots were conducted for the election of a new Libertarian Party Chair. On the first ballot, Wayne Allyn Root obtained 200 votes, followed by Mark Hinkle with 114 votes, Ernest Hancock with 82 votes, John Jay Myers with 70 votes, George Phillies with 56 votes and N.O.T.A.

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