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Two more Whigs running for Congress in Florida

Two more Modern Whig Party members have announced a run for Congress in Florida.  Paul McKain announced his months ago, and now Clayton Schock and John Annarumma are running in Florida’s 20th and 3rd congressional districts, respectively.  To get on the ballot, according to Ballot Access News, they will need to either pay a $8,500 filing fee or submit about 4,500 signatures. … Read more ...

Ten ‘independents’ file in race for New Jersey governor; some file for Assembly seats, as well

According to PolitickerNJ, ten “independents” – meaning an independent or a minor party candidate under New Jersey state law – have filed to run in the race for New Jersey governor.  The deadline to file was yesterday, as were the primaries for the Democratic and Republican Parties. … Read more ...

Modern Whig Party announces its first candidate for Congress

In a recent national online meeting, the Modern Whig Party announced its first candidate for Congress.  He is Paul McKain, and he is running Florida.  The Whigs describe him:

About Paul C. McKain

McKain worked his way through college to earn his Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University where he majored in Education and minored in Physical Sciences.

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