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Liberty Hangout: “CNN: Libertarian VP Bill Weld Considering Dropping Out & Endorsing Hillary Clinton?”

Published by Liberty Hangout, September 18th, 2016:

To anyone who’s closely followed the 2016 election, it’s no surprise that Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee, Bill Weld, has a long lasting relationship with Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the first Libertarian Townhall on CNN, Weld described his bond with Clinton as being “life long.”… Read more ...

Paulie: Response to Derek Hunter at Townhall on “The Problem With Libertarians”

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Opinion article submitted by Paulie

Derek Hunter writes:

There was a time I called myself a Libertarian. And there was a time I was a Libertarian. I just wanted to get government to leave me alone, to leave people alone and to go all crazy and limit itself to doing only that which is spelled out clearly in the Constitution.

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Libertarian Party Sets Up National Convention Delegate Fund

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Independent Political Report‘s own Paul Frankel, known to us as Paulie, who is an Alternate At-Large Representative of the Libertarian National Committee for Region 7, reports that the Libertarian Party now has a way to offset some of the fees for Libertarians wishing to attend a National Convention. The next National Convention is planned for June 26-29, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio.… Read more ...

More Commentary From Paul Frankel Re: Region 5S Report and Campus Organizing Report

Here are more comments from Paul Frankel (Paulie) re: the Region5SReport2013-03-16 quarterly report filed by James W. Lark III to the Libertarian National Committee on the activities of Region 5, and the Libertarian National Campus Organizing Report , also filed by James Lark.


“Arvin Vohra designed a very nice piece of outreach literature,”

Please share this and any other new outreach literature we are using (everyone).… Read more ...

Paul Frankel Responds to Dr. Tom Stevens and Asks for Retraction

This afternoon, one of our writers here at IPR, Paulie, whose real name is Paul Frankel, posted an article about the current report of Region 5S to the Libertarian National Committee.  It should be noted that, in addition to his work here with us, Paulie serves as an alternate At-Large Representative to the Libertarian National Committee of another region (Region 7).… Read more ...

Paul Frankel’s Candidate Statement for Libertarian National Committee’s Open At-Large Position

Paul Frankel is known around here as “Paulie” 

Personal background and genesis of political involvement*

I was born in Siberia, part of the former USSR in 1972. Growing up in the epicenter of the 1980s crack cocaine explosion in NYC, I got caught up in the available business ventures and saw some of my friends die, and then became an activist against the drug war starting in the mid to late 1980s.

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Tom Knapp, Darryl Perry, Paulie (and you?): ‘Not my debt’

Original article by Tom Knapp:

The Senate left an extra present under your tree …

… and it really didn’t attract much notice with all the fanfare surrounding the vote on Cannibal Care, which passed and is now on its way to conference to tussle out the differences between the House and Senate versions.… Read more ...

West Virginia Libertarians raising funds for 2010, 2012 ballot access; IPR one year anniversary

Howdy folks, first, a few brief personal notes:

1. I’m in West Virginia working on the ballot access drive mentioned below

2. My birthday is today. I still have very little internet access, and would appreciate hearing from you all at 415-690-6352. Email will not reach me again for several days.… Read more ...

Radio: Paulie Cannoli, Todd Andrew Barnett, Jim Davidson and more

From Liberty Cap Talk Live

Liberty Cap Talk Live Episode 93: The GM Bailout, Obama’s Plan to Release Gitmo Detainees, Obama’s Cabinet Picks, and More In the ninety-third episode, Todd and Jim ask panelists Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity Movement founder James Cox, Next Free Voice blogger and Libertarian Party activist Paulie Cannoli, and Boston Tea Party of Kansas Chairman Jim Davidson and on Obama’s pick for his cabinet, the GM bailout, and Obama’s release of the Gitmo detainees.

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Update on Boston Tea Party organizing efforts and endorsements

21 September 2008 Here: 329 members. Facebook: 461. Today we received the final vote to make the national committee unanimous. We now have a state affiliate in Kansas.

19 September 2008 Here: 321 members. Facebook: 457. We continue to grow. The national committee is considering the addition of a Kansas state affiliate, for a full dozen of state affiliates.… Read more ...

LPNY chair to BTP: Drop dead

In this essay, LP radical and LPNY state chair Eric Sundwall advocates that radical libertarians avoid the BTP and stay in the LP. It is entitled Party Like It’s 1973, an apparent ironic reference to Party like it’s 1773 by BTP interim chair Jim Davidson.

I was somewhat intrigued when popular Libertarian blogger Tom Knapp started the Boston Tea Party soon after the 2006 Portland massacre.

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