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Posts tagged as “Peoples Party”

Our Revolution LA Disaffiliates with People’s Party

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Just as the People’s Party announces it has registered as a party in California, Our Revolution Los Angeles, one of their largest allies in the states has chosen to disaffiliate from their coalition.

In a statement released February 7th, Our Revolution LA cites undemocratic leadership elections, lack of transparency, and toxic behavior in regards to dissent as the primary reasons for the disaffiliation.… Read more ...

Peoples Party registers In Maine

The People’s Party (previously the Movement for A Peoples Party) has officially registered to be a political party in Maine, the first step towards their goal of being a viable alternative to the Two Major Parties come 2022.

Their State Coordinator Lindsey Weeks was quoted as saying “We are very excited to file today, a lot of Mainers’ work went into getting to this moment.Read more ...