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Posts tagged as “Petition”

Libertarian Party: Hiring 20 paid petitioners urgently – interested?

The following is a May 17th, 2016 email from the Libertarian Party:

Libertarians, we’re hiring and paying $3 per signature in Illinois, $2.50 in Pennsylvania, $2.50 in Connecticut, and need volunteers in Ohio too, right away!

There are no donation links in this email (for once).

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Petition asks Mitt Romney to withdraw, and let Gary Johnson beat Obama

At there is a petition asking Mitt Romney to withdraw from the 2012 election, because he clearly cannot defeat President Obama. The only effect of Mitt Romney remaining a candidate is to split the anti-Obama vote, and deny Gary Johnson a victory:

“Due to the recent events involving Mitt Romney’s remarks about Obama supporters and the Republican parties unfair treatment of Ron Paul supporters, we have no confidence in Mitt Romney’s chances of winning the 2012 Presidential election.”… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Pennsylvania Withdraws Pennsylvania Petition

The Constitution Party of Pennsylvania submitted approximately 35,000 petition signatures in an effort to make the ballot in their state, where the requirement is 20,601 valid petitions. Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania there is a very discriminatory procedure for challenging petitions. The challenge costs nothing to those alleging invalid or insufficient signatures, while it can cost the party attempting to get ballot status tens of thousands of additional extra dollars.… Read more ...