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Ten Years After: The Speech

Ten years ago today, a little known councilman from the village of Minerva (Ohio), Phil Davison, addressed his local Republican Party executive committee to seek its nomination for county treasurer.  He did not win the nomination, but his passionate speech went viral, garnering millions of views on YouTube and attaining mainstream media coverage. … Read more ...

William Saturn: ‘The Politics of Fun’

William Saturn at Saturn’s Repository:

Phil Davison

Phil Davison

Back in 2010 I witnessed the future of politics. A little known councilman went before his local party and delivered the most passionate speech of this century thus far.  Though the speech concerned, of all things, the Stark County Treasurer’s office, it harkened back to the exciting and entertaining aspect of politics.  … Read more ...

State-by-State Results of IPR’s 2016 LP Presidential Preference Poll


With IP analysis complete, IPR can now release the official state-by-state results of its August 12-19 survey, which gauged reader preference for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination field.

In the poll, voters were asked to chose one of the following individuals, who at the time, were either running or had expressed an interest in running for the 2016 LP presidential nomination:

Results released in late August showed former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as the overwhelming preference of the poll’s 166 participants.… Read more ...

William Saturn: Phil Davison, America’s Councilman

William Saturn is an IPR contributor and accredited reporter for Wikinews. 

Published August 28, 2013

Saturn’s Repository blog

America's Councilman

With over 16 years of service in the Minerva Village Council, free speech advocate Phil Davison has more legislative experience than the man the nation elected as president in 2008. Despite his political history, Davison did not gain notice until delivering one of the most impassioned speeches in recent memory.… Read more ...

IPR 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Survey Results

Using SurveyMonkey, IPR conducted three polls from August 12-19 gauging reader preference for those running or interested in running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.  With each individual listed in alphabetical order, readers chose between:

In the three polls, participants were asked to rate the viability of the above individuals, to rank each based on personal preference, and to select one (or none) as their preferred choice for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.… Read more ...

IPR’s 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll

The following is the first official Independent Political Report poll concerning the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

The only individuals included in this poll are those who are either officially running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination or have expressed interest in running for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.… Read more ...

Phil Davison Considers 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Run

Phil Davison

By William Saturn

Published July 11, 2o13 on Saturn’s Repository 

Longtime councilman Phil Davison of Minerva, Ohio has expressed interest in the 2016 presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party. Davison, best known for his inspirational 2010 speech, briefly ran for the Boston Tea Party’s 2012 presidential nomination.

“Would love to run,” says Davison via Facebook, “Think about it every day.… Read more ...

Candidates running for Boston Tea Party Presidential nomination, 2012


The Presidential & Vice Presidential nominees will be held beginning December 22, 2011 and lasting as many days as needed to chose the nominees.


All candidates who are nominated by two or more Party members, who meet the qualifications of office listed in the Constitution of the United States of America, and who affirm their support for the Party’s platform and their willingness to accept the Party’s nomination to the presidency and/or vice-presidency of the United States, shall be considered eligible nominees, any affiliations they may have with other political parties notwithstanding.… Read more ...