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Robert Milnes Writes Open Letter to Jo Jorgensen

2020 Green Party presidential candidate Robert Milnes wrote the following open letter today to 2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen.  Although today is April Fools’ Day, the letter, published at The PLAS Place seems to be a serious attempt to form a fusion ticket to win the 2020 presidential election:

Jo, do you remember me from a few years ago?… Read more ...

Silence Dogood: Weld and Romney Form the Party for Liberty and Sanity (PLAS)

Over at Ballot Access News, a commenter using the pen name of a young Ben Franklin, Silence Dogood, who once questioned whether Ben Franklin was actually in the grave marked for Ben Franklin in Philadelphia or whether he was replaced with a mannequin and is currently living in Tel-Aviv, put out the following press release:

BREAKING NEWS: Weld and Romney form the Party for Liberty and Sanity (PLAS).Read more ...

Robert Milnes, Perennial Presidential Candidate, Communicates With LNC Chairman Geoff Neale

Because no April 1st would be complete without a Robert Milnes story 🙂

Here is the conversation between Geoff Neale and Robert Milnes.

Anyway, Paulie at one point said that we could post something about him in April, and I expect he’ll remember that soon.  So, here it is, posted.

From: “Robert Milnes” <r.milnes@att.netRead more ...