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Posts tagged as “Poker Players Alliance”

Libertarian National Congressional Committee Announces Addition of Poker Celebrity Greg Raymer to the Board

Posted by Wayne Root at Libertarian Party blog:

Wayne Allyn Root, the Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee (LNCC) announced today the addition of Greg Raymer, one of the great poker professionals in the world, to the Board of the LNCC.… Read more ...

Poker Players Alliance: Barr/Root ‘A+’, Baldwin ‘F’

Many Ron Paul supporters are struggling with a dilemma: Which would-be heir to the r3VOLution should they support — Libertarian Bob Barr or Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin?

One such group of Ron Paul supporters, the Poker Players Alliance, has definitively made up its mind: They give Barr/Root the same rating as Ron Paul — “A+.”… Read more ...