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Third Party political report back from D. Eris, including notes on incident at Air and Space Museum

D. Eris’s full story, with videos, is very worth reading. Go to it at Poli-Tea: here.

(excerpt from)
Occupation Protest in Washington DC Continues, Demonstrators Pepper Sprayed inside Air and Space Museum

from Poli-Tea

Demonstrations inspired by the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest took place in cities across the country on Saturday.… Read more ...

Poli-Tea: Independents for Independence

Damon Eris at Poli-Tea:

Following the CUIP’s National Conference of Independents earlier this month, I provided a roundup of some of the immediate reaction in the third party and independent blogosphere, a good deal of which was highly positive in character. But there has also been a fair amount of criticism as well, notably, from those who support independent opposition to the two-party state as opposed to a strategy of working within the apparatus that sustains the misrule of the reigning parties.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader and Ron Paul on Freedom Watch: Alliance Against Corporatism

From Raw Story via Poli-Tea:

on Wednesday’s broadcast of Freedom Watch on the Fox Business channel, Judge Napolitano sat down for an amiable interview with Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Ralph Nader to discuss a progressive-libertarian alliance in the 112th session of respective chambers in Congress.

Nader, who has recently called this coalition “the most exciting new political dynamic” in the US today, explained that it works well because both groups stand against corporatists who believe government should be run in the interests of corporations.

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Student-Columnists Blast the Two-Party State, Call for Third Party and Independent Alternatives


Over the last few weeks, in opinion pieces for college and university newspapers across the country, students have stepped up their criticism of the reigning two-party state and duopoly system of government. AJ Warne writes for the Daily Athenaeum, out of West Virginia University, and argues that the “rise of a third (or fourth) party will better the political landscape.”… Read more ...

Study: 2010 Elections Likely to Result in Strongest Showing Among Third Party and Independent Candidates in over 75 Years


A lengthy article at Smart Politics reports that this year we are likely to witness the strongest showing by third party and independent candidates for office since the 1930’s. Some excerpts:

A Smart Politics analysis of nearly 1,800 gubernatorial elections since 1900 finds that third party candidates in 2010 will rival those of 1994 for the strongest showing over the past 75 years since the Great Depression.

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Jesse Ventura: “I despise these two parties. They’re ruining our country.”

Posted at Poli-Tea:

Former governor Jesse Ventura has been making the rounds on the various talk shows, promoting his new book. On Fox & Friends, the one-time pro-wrestler did not shy away from expressing his views on the Democratic-Republican two-party state. Transcribed from the video below:

Ventura: I’m concerned over these two parties because they don’t have the United States of America first, they have their party first.

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Poli-Tea: How the Ruling Democratic-Republican Ballot Access Regime Produces the Spoiler Effect

At Poli-Tea, d.eris present an interesting thesis:  without certain ballot access laws, the so-called “spoiler effect” wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic as it is today.

The highly restrictive ballot access regime that has been constructed in virtually every state of the union is one of the primary means by which the Democratic and Republican Parties maintain their duopoly system of government.

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Poli-Tea: ‘Toward a Popular Front for the Liberation of the People of the United States from the Apparatus of the Global Warfare and Corporate Welfare State’


At Politics Daily, Donna Trussel considers the overlap between the demands of left- and right-wing populists on a number of issues, and proposes a third party alternative to the Democratic-Republican two-party state in an article wondering if “Dennis Kucinich is joining the tea party movement”:

Democrats and Republicans are now so divided and partisan that no legislation can move forward.

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Poli-Tea raises the important question of low voter turnout and third parties

d.eris writes on Poli-Tea:

Arguably, one of the most important strategic questions for independent and third party activists is how to motivate non-voters in future elections. Voter turn-out was quite low, for instance, in the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey, where 39% and roughly 45% (according to my calculations) of registered voters cast a ballot, respectively.

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