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Libertarian Blue: ‘Libertarians are Right Wing?’

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One of the advantages or disadvantages (depending on how you look at it) to being a libertarian is that liberals and conservatives accuse of us of being the other.

Daily Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan had nominated Lew Rockwell of all people for the Michelle Malkin award. Now what in anyone’s political mind who actually pays attention and not just repeats sound bites would think Lew Rockwell and Michelle Malkin are the same stripe?… Read more ...

Cisse Spragins: ‘Listen to the Dems, vote Libertarian’

Cisse Spragins, Missouri Libertarian Party chair, in the Joplin Independent:

In numerous states across the nation, including Missouri, Democrats have been spending their money to promote Libertarian candidates.

From mailers to robo calls, groups, sometimes identified and sometimes not, have been targeting conservative voters with information on Libertarian candidates, typically stressing their fiscal conservative values and desire to abide by the Constitution.… Read more ...

Libertarian Wrestler Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs On Not Sending ‘Fascist Thug’ Sheriff Arpaio a Donation

Via LRC blog

Writes Glenn Jacobs:

I received a solicitation for a donation to Joe Arpaio’s campaign today. The letter chronicled Arpaio’s battles with illegal immigrants, Mexican drug cartels, and “open-border” leftists. I find it alarming that a local politician is utilizing illegal immigration as a national fund-raising platform (especially a fascist thug like Arpaio).

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Chuck Baldwin: ‘Is America Becoming A Police State?’

By Chuck Baldwin

There is a classic story about how no one had been able to capture a herd of wild hogs that was rooting up crops from numerous farms. It got so bad that rewards had been posted for anyone clever enough to corral the critters. But even this resulted in only limited success.… Read more ...