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Posts tagged as “Polidoc”

Polidoc Productions: Breaking through the Black Ceiling

Emailed to by Babette Hogan. Posted to IPR by Paulie. Originally published at polidoc by Babette Hogan.

This year, we have seen at least two unlikely political newcomers attempt to enter their respective Black Caucuses. One is a newly elected “pro-environmental” “Republican” person of Vietnamese descent in New Orleans, Louisiana, Joseph Cao.… Read more ...

Polidoc Productions: Field report from WV Gubernatorial candidates debate featuring the Mountain Party’s Jesse Johnson

Babette Hogan reports:

The West Virginia Gubernatorial race is heating up – and it’s coal powered.

Jesse Johnson, the West Virginia Mountain Party’s candidate for Governor, matches up against the incumbent (d) Joe Manchin and (R)Senator Russ Weeks in this Public Broadcasting Debate.

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Candidates at the Green Party US Presidential forum


Kat Swift, Texan Green, reminds us that “We are the change we seek” in her introductory remarks at the 2008 Green Party National Convention Presidential Candidate Forum in Chicago, IL on Friday, September 11.

With Cynthia McKinney taking the nomination, Swift sets her mind on her next race, and it is a race she has a great chance at winning in her town of San Antonio, which is no cow-pokin’ town.

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