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A Third Party Activist Suggests: Make Election Day Nov 8, 2011 “Party Transfer Day”

Kimberly Wilder writes: The following post and FaceBook page is from my husband and co-blogger, Ian Wilder. He is a Green Party member who created a nonpartisan FaceBook page to encourage a switch out of the Democratic Party and Republican Party.

Story at onthewilderside.com: here.

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Jesse Ventura: “Abolish All Political Parties”

From an article on www.SHTFPlan.com:

A great interview with Jessie Ventura covering a host of issues, namely corruption within the halls of government.

The only way to do it is what I advocate for now. I don’t support the third party movement anymore. I support the abolishment of all these political parties.

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New Gallup Poll on Party Identification

from Ballot Access News
New Gallup Poll on Party Identification

September 2nd, 2009

Every month, the Gallup Organization releases a poll, asking voters if they identify as Republicans, as Democrats, or as others. If they respond “other”, they are asked if they lean toward either the Democratic or the Republican Party.

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Election night parties around the country


DC Statehood Green Party announces Election Night ‘Victory Party’ Extravaganza

• Location: Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant, 2210 14th Street NW near the corner of W Street, beginning at 7 pm on Election Night (Nov. 4); reporters encouraged to attend; Statehood Green candidates will be present


Tuesday, November 4, 2008
7:30pm – 11:00pm
Mansour Center
995 Roswell Street, NE
Marietta, GA


In deference to the sound bite journalism that dominates presidential political media coverage, independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader will host a press conference at which he will only issue one-word responses to questions for the first 30 minutes.

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Washington Post snarks at Greens protesting lack of coverage

Many independent and smaller party candidates have complained for a long time about lack of coverage from the corporate media. Here is one snarky, cynical response from the establishment:

A group of about 15 protestors and candidates from a Certain Political Party That Will Go Unnamed gathered outside the Washington Post building today to protest their belief that the company “routinely ignores or marginalizes the party’s candidates.”

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California deals double whammy to Constitution Party

First, the California Secretary of State issued an opinion (litigation pending) that Alan Keyes, not Chuck Baldwin, would be on the AIP ballot line this year.

And now, more bad news from the Golden State for the CP in case it does wrestle back control of the AIP from Keyes: Ballot Access News reports

California has a new format for its voter registration form, for the “political party” choice.

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Barr polls double digits in NH, closing in on getting ballot access

Reported in the Manchester, NH Union Leader newspaper:

Although he’s yet to secure a spot on the New Hampshire presidential ballot, Republican-turned-Libertarian Bob Barr visited Manchester yesterday, drawing attention and, possibly votes, away from Republican John McCain.

Barr visited Murphy’s Tap Room in downtown Manchester, where about 90 people listened to his calls for small government and personal freedom, and nodded agreement to his notion that the country’s two major political parties are headed in the same direction.

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Steve Newton: North Carolina ballot access and party registration = Demopublican fascism

The following is posted on Last Free Voice by ElfNinosMom; the author is Steve Newton.
These same types of major party shenanigans to marginalize independents and smaller parties even after they overcome massive ballot access hurdles take place in states all over the country.

I’m sure that Ryan McTeague Beckwith of the Raleigh News and Observer thought this was funny:

The number of registered Libertarians has more than doubled.

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