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Political Scientist and Congressional Leader Predict Good Year for Alternative Parties

Ballot Access News reports:

Political science professor Michael McDonald has this short article posted at He finds a relationship between periods when the major parties are ideologically cohesive, and periods of relative minor party success. Then he notes that we are in a period when the Democratic and Republican Parties are quite cohesive.

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Libertarian Party blog: Politico asks Wes Benedict about Gary Johnson

For earlier IPR coverage, see here, here, and here.

Posted at LP blog:

The political news site suggests that "Gary Johnson emerges as the next Ron Paul." Johnson is a former New Mexico governor.

The story quotes LP Executive Director Wes Benedict:

What seems clear is that for now Johnson has no plan to leave the GOP.

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In an article entitled “Spoiler Alert: Independents may Rock the Races,”‘s Josh Kraushaar wrote about a range of relatively popular independent or third party candidates and their potential impact on the upcoming election. David Krikorian, an independent running for Congress in Ohio’s 2nd district, was the focus of the article.Â… Read more ...