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Texas Libertarians prevail, defeat “poll tax”

from the Texas LP via LP.org blog and IPR email:

HB 418 withdrawn by bill author Berman

AUSTIN- In a victory for The Libertarian Party of Texas, State Representative Leo Berman (R -District 6) withdrew HB 418 on Monday. The bill would have imposed filing fees on third-party and independent candidates, resulting in an intimidating burden for these candidates on future ballots.… Read more ...

Texas Libertarians oppose HB 418 “poll tax” on candidates

Press release sent to IPR:


HB 418 imposes new fees on third parties and independents

Last Monday, the Libertarian Party of Texas testified before the Texas legislature’s elections committee against HB 418. This bill would impose prohibitive filing fees on competitors to the Republicans and Democrats (such as Libertarians, other third parties, and independents).… Read more ...

Tom Knapp: Proposed Missouri LP resolution against the national convention poll tax

Posted by Tom Knapp at Kn@ppster:

As a district representative on the Missouri Libertarian Party’s executive committee, I’ve asked the party’s chair to add the following resolution to the agenda for the committee’s next meeting:

Whereas, the national bylaws of the Libertarian Party set forth the qualifications of delegates to the party’s national convention; and

Whereas, those bylaws do not provide for the assessment or collection of any fee from delegates as a condition of floor access or full participation in business sessions; and

Whereas, the delegate apportionment formula specified in the bylaws is primarily based on the number of sustaining, i.e.

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LNC reps, candidates issue statement against convention floor fee

A group of Libertarian National Committee representatives and LNC candidates issued a public statement yesterday in opposition to the planned imposition of a delegate “floor fee” at the 2010 Libertarian National Convention. The statement’s opening paragraph:

We strongly oppose the imposition of a floor fee by the LNC for credentialing of national delegates.

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Tom Knapp: Just say no to Libertarian Party convention poll tax

Posted at Kn@ppster:

The Libertarian Party’s official convention site is up at http://www.lpconvention.com.

In the category of “not especially surprising surprises,” see the registration page: The usual suspects are back at their perennial efforts to levy a poll tax on delegates.

The intent of the tax, which runs $99 and up ($49 and up after a kickback for patronizing a designated hotel) is to force all delegates to subsidize a luxurious venue and various extra-convention activities for the “privilege” of representing their state parties at the bylaws-required biennial business meeting which the membership has already paid for with its dues.… Read more ...