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Cody Quirk: Darrell Castle Gets Interviewed By Willis Carto’s American Free Press

by Cody Quirk, originally published at American Third Party Report earlier today:

Recently, the newspaper American Free Press did a complimenting interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle while he was campaigning in Michigan with the State Chair of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (Michigan affiliate of the CP), Bill Mohr.… Read more ...

In the shadow of Trump, David Duke announces run for U.S. Senate

(Originally published at the American Third Party Report earlier today):

Today, the 1988 presidential candidate of the Populist Party and internationally known white nationalist David Duke announced his candidacy for an open U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana as a Republican.

Duke, 66,  who was initially affiliated with the National Socialist White People’s Party  at the onset of what would become his lengthy political career, ran as the presidential nominee of the nationalist, Willis Carto founded Populist Party in the 1988 presidential election.… Read more ...

Nationalist Times Won’t Go Out of Existence After All

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On September 15, 2015, BAN reported here that the Nationalist Times, the party newspaper for the Populist Party of 1984-1994, would cease publication. However, after the paper made that announcement, some donors stepped forward to keep it in business, so it will continue to publish.… Read more ...

Willis Carto, Founder of Populist Party, Dies

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On October 26, Willis Carto, founder of the Populist Party, died in Virginia. He was 89. The Populist Party existed 1984-1994. It ran Bob Richards for President in 1984 (former Olympic champion); David Duke in 1988; and Bo Gritz in 1992. The New York Times has a lengthy obituary for him.… Read more ...

Newspaper of the Populist Party Will Suspend Publication

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Populist Party existed from 1984 through 1994. Although the party ceased to exist in 1994, it continued to publish its monthly newspaper, the Nationalist Times, for another twenty-one years. However, on September 10 the paper announced that it will no longer be published.… Read more ...

Scott McLarty: What’ll Happen to Bernie’s Political Revolution After Hillary Wins the Nomination?

From Scott McLarty in CounterPunch, forwarded to me by the DC Statehood Green Party:

The question needs to be asked. What will Bernie Sanders’ supporters do when “We need a political revolution” inevitably turns into “We must vote for the lesser evil”?

It seems like bad manners to bring up the likelihood that Mr.… Read more ...

Can the Green Party merge populism and progressivism? Discussion posted at GPNYS theoretical journal.

excerpt from
A Green State of Mind: A Green Theoretical Journal
(hosted by the Green Party of New York State)
The Rise of the Populist-Progressive
by Darin Robbins [member of the GPNYS State Committee] May 22, 2009

The populist and progressive movements need each other, both historically and now, in order to present a real political alternative to the the interlocking system of militarism, religious fundamentalism, and corporations.… Read more ...

Active Green leads action to disbar Bush officials

Two groups called the Velvet Revolution and Voters for Peace have taken action to have twelve Bush administration officials disbarred, or lose the ability to legally practice law, for “providing legal cover for the war crime of torture.”  That quote is from Kevin Zeese, a board member of both organizations, and a Green Party Senate candidate in 2006. … Read more ...

Jake Towne: ‘The great slump of 2008’

Posted at The Populist Party

Today’s American FED and Treasury “bailouts” are finally giving the American corporate-cronyism form of capitalism all the remaining aspects of the Leninist “commanding heights” economy that served the Soviet Union so well. The classical Keynesian-Friedmanite school of thought is that smart and slick central planners can somehow control and manipulate the economy by stimulating it at opportune times by inflation with unsound money, or holding back the throttle in times of abundance.

Read more ...

James B. Weaver’s 1892 Populist run recounted

The Washington Post has a Style section feature on the 1892 Populist presidential campaign of James B. Weaver, who that year became the first U.S. presidential candidate to mount a modern-style campaign tour of the nation rather than a limited or “front porch” campaign.

The Post says Weaver’s “campaign proved stunningly successful; for the first time since 1860, a third party won electoral votes.… Read more ...