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Darryl W. Perry Hosts Religion and Liberty Panel at PorcFest 2013

Darryl W. Perry is a Libertarian activist, author, radio host and regular IPR reader. He is seeking the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2016. At this year’s tenth annual Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest), hosted by the Free State Project, Perry co-hosted a panel on religion and liberty with Davi Barker.… Read more ...

LP Monday Message: Atlas Shrugged, Stossel, scholarships

From a “Monday Message” blog post at on March 28, 2011:

The movie “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1” will be opening on April 15. View comments from Libertarian Terry Floyd.

The Libertarian National Committee will be meeting during the weekend of April 15-17 in the Washington, DC area, and members plan to attend the opening night of the movie.

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