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Portland, ME Green Party announces ballot initiative campaign for $15/hour minimum wage

From the Portland Press Herald:

Portland Greens, meanwhile, are “dismayed” that Brennan’s proposed minimum wage would still make it difficult for people to afford to live in Portland, according to a press release.

The Greens are seeking to establish a so-called living wage of $15 an hour through a citywide referendum.

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Former Green Ben Chipman Re-Elected to Maine Legislature as Independent

Ben Chipman is a community organizer in Portland, Maine, and a former Green Party state legislator. In 2010 he switched his registration to Independent and ran for re-election as such in 2012. He was in a three-candidate race in the 119th House District in Maine and easily defeated both his Republican and Democratic opponents.… Read more ...

Greens enter Portland, Maine’s first mayoral race; hope for boost from IRV

From the Portland Daily Sun:

Portland this year embarks on an elected-mayor campaign that replaces a council-appointed mayor with one elected to an at-large seat. Through a city charter change, voters also will choose their next mayor through rank choice voting, where if any candidate falls short of a majority, then the “second choice” votes come into play in the tabulation.

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Independent Maine state legislator introduces bill on Earth Day to fund commuter rail from casino revenue

Ben Chipman represents Portland in the Maine legislature’s lower house. He has been a Green Party activist for years and was elected as an independent. On his facebook, he said, “On Earth Day I am proud to release a bill to fund commuter rail service! Whatever your position is on the casino, if it is going to be built I think it is important that the revenue go towards worthy projects that reduce our carbon footprint.”

From the Bangor Daily News:

LD 1344 would amend the casino bill to allocate money currently earmarked for harness racing purses and the Sire Stakes Fund, 2 percent of slot machine revenue, to the State Transit, Aviation and Rail Transportation Fund.

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Ben Chipman, elected independent and Green activist, will be on IPR Radio Tues. Dec 14th at 8 PM EST

I, Ross Levin will be interviewing Ben Chipman, who was elected to the Maine state house of representatives in the 2010 election. Chipman has been a Green Party activist for a long time, including being an aide to Maine’s only former Green state legislator and a member of the Portland Charter Commission.… Read more ...

Constitution, Green and Libertarian Party National Offices Release More Names of Party Members Elected to Office Last Week

Ballot Access News:

The Green Party national office has released a list of party members who were elected or re-elected last week. As noted at this site earlier, Ben Chipman was elected to the Maine legislature [p: as an independent], and the party won three important elections in California: in Richmond; Mendocino County; and Hollister.… Read more ...

Maine Greens Applaud Passage of Instant Runoff Voting in Portland

By way of Green Party Watch:


Maine Green Independent Party Candidates who ran for the office of state house and state senate ran strong campaigns, often finishing a close second in the race Tuesday night. Fred Horch, of Brunswick, ran a close second with 34% of the vote in District 66.… Read more ...

LP: Obama, McCain don’t get free passes on gun issue

Curiously, although the Gun Owners of America takes a much more hardcore position on the gun issue which is far more in line with the LP platform (yes, even after Portland and Denver), this press release quotes the much more milquetoastish, reliable Republican sycophants at the NRA instead. GOA created the F- category in its rating system specifically for John McCain.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Convention 2010: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?

No, but it just might be at Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i.

Details here, here, and here.

Astute readers may remember the 2006 Libertarian Party national convention in Portland, which drew only 300 or so attendees, the lowest number since 1973, and managed to delete three fourths of the 2004 platform after the delegates were not provided a copy of the then-current platform.… Read more ...