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Conservative Party of New York State: Have you signed our postcard to cut spending?


The Conservative Party of NYS is committed to the taxpayers of New York State and know that cutting spending has to be the top priority of the Administration and Legislature. Please join our efforts by signing our post card that urges Governor Cuomo to keep his promise made to the citizens of New York State during his campaign that he will not increase taxes and fees or borrow to balance the state budget.… Read more ...

John Jay Myers: Post-election wrap up

Posted by John Jay Myers on facebook. Myers ran as a Libertarian against Pete Sessions (R) in TX-32.

Official release:

“Thank you to all donors and volunteers! John Jay Myers raised more than any other Libertarian candidate in the 32nd district with over $7200, and he received the highest percentage of any Libertarian candidate in the district’s history.… Read more ...

James Libertarian Burns expounds on his idea for defeating Harry Reid

From: Jim Burns, a Libertarian for President 2012

Dear Paul,

The only candidates who have any money to speak of in
the US Senate race in Nevada are Reid and Angle. Reid has
3 or 4 times more money plus union and other national support,
but Angle as changed her approach (a better campaign) and since
Reid is hated by many people here, therefore, unless something
changes, the race will be very close.… Read more ...

Jim Libertarian Burns: ‘Do you want Senator Harry Reid defeated?’

Email from Jim Burns, a Libertarian for President 2012:

Dear Paul,

Do you want Senator Harry Reid defeated?

You can take action that will increase the
chances that Reid will not be re-elected.

No matter how much money Sharron Angle
spends there are some votes that she will not
receive. However, if someone else who is on
the ballot makes a different appeal, they may
receive votes that otherwise would have gone
to Reid: especially, if the appeal is directed at
people who are not conservative.… Read more ...