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Preliminary Libertarian Party election results

Posted by staff at LP blog:

These are preliminary results for Libertarians running for Governor, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House. Vote counts and percentages are not final, but percentages probably will not change much. This list does not include several Libertarians who had to run as write-in candidates (their votes have not been counted yet).… Read more ...

Party performance at the top of the ballot: 2010 vs. 2006

Ballot Access News:

Preliminary election returns show these national totals for each party, in the November 2010 election, for the office at the top of the ballot. “Office at the top of the ballot” means Governor. If a state had no gubernatorial election, it means U.S. Senate. For the four states that had neither a gubernatorial nor a U.S.

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The fate of New York’s cross-endorsing parties

Austin Cassidy reports at Uncovered Politics that the New York Taxpayers Party will probably not qualify for a ballot line:

In New York, which allows fusion, it seems that finding statewide results broken down by party is nearly impossible. The state’s Board of Elections certainly doesn’t do it. Their idea of election night reporting is a letter explaining why they won’t bother, because it’s very hard to collect such information and report it.

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