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Posts tagged as “Progressive Alliance”

Sean Fenley endorses Progressive Alliance in Op Ed News

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Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul should run together in the next presidential campaign (I don’t care who’s on the top of the ticket, they can hold an internet election or some such for all I care). They are in agreement on enough issues that (if elected) they could abolish the Federal Reserve and create interest free money for this country, do an investigation (not a cover-up) into the 9/11 tragedy, decrease the military budget, end the American empire and U.S.

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Robert Milnes: Request 100 Green signatures for GP presidential nomination

Quoth Robert Milnes:

Please forward to interested persons or groups. I have been informed that 100 signatures of Green Party members must be received as part of approval process for presidential candidates. With this email I request Green party members to consider supporting my candidacy by sending a letter of support to Presidential Campaign Support Committee.… Read more ...