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Bauer Drops Bid for Lt. Governor, Setting Up Republican-Progressive Contest


(The following was originally published on Seven Days.)

Democratic activist John Bauer dropped his plans to run for lieutenant governor Thursday, setting up a one-on-one race between Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Scott and former Progressive legislator Dean Corren.

When he entered the race in March, Bauer hoped to become the first candidate in a decade to take advantage of the state’s public financing system, which would have provided his campaign up to $200,000.Read more ...

Progressive Party: Corren to run for Vermont lieutenant governor


(The following story was originally posted in the Burlington Free Press.)

MONTPELIER – Former state Rep. Dean Corren, a Progressive from Burlington, announced Wednesday that he is running for lieutenant governor in this year’s election.

Corren’s candidacy further populates a field that already includes Republican incumbent Phil Scott of Berlin, Democrat John Bauer of Jeffersonville and Liberty Union candidate Marina Brown of Charleston.… Read more ...

Rep. Cindy Weed Responds to Governor Shumlin’s State of the State Address

cindy weed

(The following was published on the Progressive Party of Vermont’s website.)

I believe that we should do everything possible to curb drug use and addiction in Vermont. Addiction not only adversely affects addicts and their families, it threatens the security of our communities and leads to increases in crime rates.… Read more ...

Progressives Back Sanders Presidential Bid

Bernie Sanders


(The following was published in the BurlingtonFreePress.)

A national group of left-leaning pro­gressives says its members strongly sup­port a bid for the White House recently floated by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

In a poll being released this morning, a group called RootsAction.org found that 81 percent of 19,131 of its members re­sponding to an on-line poll said “yes” when asked the question, “Do you want Senator Bernie Sanders to run for presi­dent in 2016?”… Read more ...

Progressive Party of Vermont: Paid Sick Leave Policies Are Good For All


(The following was posted on the Progressive Party of Vermont’s website.)

Submitted by Mari Cordes on Mon, 2013-12-16 01:00

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that around 40 percent of people in the United States are forced to work when they or a family member are ill. If they must stay home, they risk losing pay or their jobs because they have no provision for any amount of sick time.

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Progressive Party of Vermont: Selene Colburn to Seek Progressive Nomination for Ward 1 City Council



(The following was a Press Release published on the Progressive Party of Vermont website.)

Submitted by Vermont Progres… on Wed, 2013-12-18 10:56

BURLINGTON – Selene Colburn will seek the Progressive nomination for the City Council seat being vacated by outgoing Ward 1 Councilor Kevin Worden.  Selene, a librarian at the University of Vermont and a Trustee on the Burlington Library Commission, brings a rich understanding of issues important to Ward 1 residents.

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Both Progressive Burlington City Councilors Will Seek Reelection



(The following was posted on the Progressive Party of Vermont’s Facebook page on December 9th.)

It’s official – both Progressive Burlington City Councilors up for reelection this March are definitely running! This is going to be an exciting year in Burlington.Will they be joined by other Progressive candidates? We’ll keep you posted – look for news here soon!
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Vermont Progressive Party Chairwoman Files to Run In Gubernatorial Primary

Richard Winger has news of the Progressive Party of Vermont’s Gubernatorial primary in 2012. The Chairwoman of the party has filed to run in the primary and is seen as the most likely victor.

Martha Abbott, chair of the Vermont Progressive Party, will appear on the Progressive Party primary ballot in August as a candidate for Governor.

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Progressive Party of Vermont Organizing Slate of Candidates for 2012

The Progressive Party of Vermont is arguably one of the most successful state-level third parties in the United States, having elected multiple State Senators, State Representatives, etc. Now, the Progressive Party of Vermont is organizing its slate of candidates, especially statewide candidates, for 2012.

On the topic of Progressives, party Chairwoman Martha Abbott of Underhill said she’ll be a candidate for governor, Marjorie Powers of Montpelier is running for lieutenant governor and the party will support Doug Hoffer for auditor.

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Vermont Progressive Party Profiled by In These Times

In These Times has published a rather lengthy profile of the Progressive Party of Vermont which is overwhelmingly positive. The profile covers the party’s origins, multiple election and legislative victories, and the party’s strength in particular areas.

One state where left-leaning voters do have greater choice today – and their own political voice – is Vermont.

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In race for Burlington, VT mayor without a Progressive Party nominee, third parties and independents still play large role

On VTDigger.org, Greg Guma takes a look at how people and groups ranging from outright independents to Vermont’s independent, democratic socialist, close-with-the-Progressive-Party Senator Bernie Sanders to a former Green Party candidate are playing a role in the race for Burlington mayor.  It’s the first time since 1991 that the Progressives haven’t fielded a candidate, yet the city continues, in a sense, to function as a multi-party system. … Read more ...

Mayor’s Race in Vermont Offers Third Party Intrigue

We recently posted here at IPR that the incumbent Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, a member of the Progressive Party, was not running for re-election. In the aftermath, plenty of challengers have announced, but the Progressive Party has yet to announce a challenger.

After the caucuses, Vermont Progressive Party Chairwoman Martha Abbott explained why her party was still looking for a candidate.

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