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Prohibition Party of New York Responds to Governor Hochul’s 2022 State of the State Address

On January 5th, Governor Kathy Hochul delivered the annual State of the State address. On January 7th, the Prohibition Party of New York responded with a 5-page document critically evaluating the governor’s address and providing their own vision and proposals for state policy. The full document is available on their website.… Read more ...

Time Capsule: Prohibition Party’s 1948 Candidate for President Barred From Voting for Himself

Claude A. Watson, the Prohibition Party’s candidate for president, was unable to vote for himself in 1948.

Watson and his wife had requested that absentee ballots be mailed to them in Winona Lake, Indiana, where they were attending a church convention, but had decided to return to their home in Highland Park, a suburb of Los Angeles, sooner than expected. … Read more ...

Time Capsule: Prohibition Party Nominates ‘Yankee Genius’ for the Presidency in 1940

Convening in a gilded ballroom in Chicago’s famous Hotel La Salle, more than 400 cheering delegates from thirty-two states enthusiastically nominated nationally-recognized economist Roger W. Babson of Massachusetts for the presidency in 1940.

The 65-year-old Babson, who was nominated without opposition, was joined on the Prohibition Party ticket by little-known Edgar V.… Read more ...

Time Capsule: Former Prohibitionist Andrew Jackson Houston, Member of U.S. Senate

Longtime Prohibitionist Andrew Jackson Houston, son of the legendary Sam Houston, the hero of San Jacinto and first president of the Lone Star Republic, died in a Baltimore hospital on June 26, 1941.

Two months before his death, the 87-year-old Houston had been appointed to the U.S. Senate by Gov. “Pappy” O’Daniel to fill a vacancy created by the death of Democratic Sen.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party of New York Responds to Cuomo’s 2021 State of the State Address

The Prohibition Party of New York issued its response to Governor Cuomo’s 2021 State of the State Address. The party released a six-page document critically evaluating the governor’s address and providing their own vision and proposals for state policy.

The full document is available on their website.

The Prohibition Party of New York responded to governor Cuomo’s statements about the federal government’s failures in responding to the coronavirus, by stating that the Cuomo administration’s response also had its own flaws which exacerbated the situation.… Read more ...

Wikinews Interviews Five 2020 Presidential Candidates

This past month, for Wikinews, I conducted interviews with five 2020 third party presidential candidates:

  1. Constitution Party presidential nominee Don Blankenship (link)
  2. Prohibition Party presidential nominee Phil Collins (link)
  3. Unity Party of America presidential nominee Bill Hammons (link)
  4. Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen (link)
  5. American Solidarity Party presidential nominee Brian Carroll (link)


Similar questions were asked to each candidate, enabling the following comparison of answers:

Which past U.S.

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National Prohibitionist Updates on Ballot Access and Includes Article on President Rutherford B. Hayes

In the latest edition of The National Prohibitionist, party chairman and presidential nominee Phil Collins reveals the party has officially secured ballot access in Colorado and Vermont, adding to the ballot access already achieved in Arkansas and Mississippi.  This is the most states the party’s nominee has appeared on since 1984. … Read more ...

AIP Nominates Rocky De La Fuente/Kanye West Ticket; Darcy Richardson Responds

Earlier today the California ballot-qualified American Independent Party (AIP) nominated Reform Party and Alliance Party presidential nominee Rocky De La Fuente for president and rapper Kanye West for vice president.  According to Ballot Access News, the decision was unanimous save for one abstention among twenty delegates.   Even though Prohibition Party presidential nominee Phil Collins had won the party’s nonbinding presidential primary in March, De La Fuente, who finished second in the primary, paid AIP vice chairman Mark Seidenberg cash, according to FEC records, which likely improved his chances of winning the nomination.… Read more ...

Jim Hedges Provides an Update on Prohibition Party Ballot Access Efforts

Last week, Jim Hedges, the vice chairman of the Prohibition Party and the party’s 2016 presidential nominee provided the following update on the ballot access efforts for the party’s 2020 ticket of Phil Collins for President and Billy Joe Parker for Vice President:

We were notified today that Collins/Parker have qualified in Colorado.
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Wikinews Interviews Three More Third Party Vice Presidential Candidates

As part of the June 2020 edition of the Wikinews feature on the 2020 presidential election published yesterday, I conducted three short interviews with three vice presidential candidates.  Those candidates were Prohibition Party of Georgia chairman Billy Joe Parker of the Prohibition Party, historian Darcy Richardson of the Reform, Natural Law, Alliance, and American Delta parties, and educator Tiara Lusk of the Life and Liberty Party.… Read more ...

Reform Party Elects New Chairman, Postpones Convention Before Presidential Nomination

As reported on the Reform Party National Committee Facebook page, earlier today at the Reform Party National Committee meeting, committee secretary Nicholas Hensley defeated incumbent chairman Bill Merrell to become the party’s national chairman-elect.  Mike Hackmer will replace Hensely as secretary on January 1.  Leigh Pollet was elected vice chair. … Read more ...

Prohibition Party Provides Update on Ballot Access

The latest issue of The National Prohibitionist, the official publication of the Prohibition Party, provides the following update on ballot access for the party’s presidential ticket:

There is hardly anyone on sidewalks and
in other traditional places for petitioning.
Going door-to-door exposes both the peti-
tioners and the residents to germs picked
up elsewhere.

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