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List of Candidates on Libertarian, Green, Peace and Freedom, and American Independent Presidential Primary Ballots in California

Released by the CA Secretary of State on 2/8/16. H/T Ballot Access News:

Libertarian Party:

Marc Feldman
John Hale
Cecil Ince
Gary Johnson
Steve Kerbel
John McAfee
Darryl Perry
Austin Petersen
Derrick M. Reid
Jack Robinson Jr.
Rhett Smith
Joy Waymire

Green Party:

Darryl Cherney
William Kreml
Kent Mesplay
Sedinam Moyowasifsa-Curry
Jill Stein

Peace and Freedom Party:

Lynn Sandra Kahn
Gloria Estela La Riva
Monica Moorehead

American Independent Party:

Wiley Drake
Arthur Harris
James Hedges
Thomas Hoefling
J.R.… Read more ...

National Prohibitionist Reports on Status of 2016 Hedges-Bayes Presidential Campaign

prohibitionSelected articles transcribed from the Oct-Nov-Dec 2015 issue of the National Prohibitionist, newsletter of the Prohibition Party:

Campaign Strategy

Major party national election campaigns have often been marred by mud-slinging and personal invective, epitomized this year by the speeches of (Republican) candidate Donald Trump.

Prohibition candidates have avoided criticizing individuals, preferring statesmanship to demagoguery.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party Nominee Jim Hedges Interviewed by Lee Prince

Last week, citizen journalist Lee Prince posted an an interview with the Prohibition Party’s 2016 presidential nominee Jim Hedges.  Hedges is a longtime member of the Prohibition Party and holds the distinction as the party’s only elected official of the 21st Century and the first since 1959.  He served as Tax Assessor for Thompson Township in Fulton County, Pennsylvania from 2002 to 2007.  … Read more ...

Prohibition Party Rejoins Board of Coalition for Free & Open Elections

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Coalition for Free & Open Elections (COFOE) has existed starting in 1985. It is a loose coalition of nationally-organized minor parties and other groups that support fair play for independent candidates and minor parties. Recently the Prohibition Party re-joined the COFOE board.… Read more ...

Rick Knox on the Prohibition Party’s Plans for 2016

From new national party chairman Rick Knox in The National Prohibitionist:

The Prohibition Party candidates for President and Vice-President will be the only national candidates discussing the evils of alcohol, tobacco, and gambling. Jim Hedges and Bill Bayes will offer the voters a clear-cut choice on these subjects.

The ticket of Hedges and Bayes is the strongest national ticket offered by the Prohibition Party is 56 years.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party 2015 Convention Wrap-Up

prohibitionFrom the National Prohibitionist:

The 2015 National Nominating Convention of the Prohibition Party was held on 31 July 2015, as a conference call. All interested members were invited to participate. Ten members and one proxy holder participated in the call; Two other members were represented by proxy. The convention was conducted as a “committee of the whole.”

This conference-call convention was a “first” for the Prohibition Party.… Read more ...

Jim Hedges on the Prohibition Party Platform’s Education Plank

From Jim Hedges in the National Prohibitionist:

Speaking as the candidate, I plan to write a monthly column on the various platform planks. Many of the platform topics have an alcohol connection, and, although our primary interest, our signature issue, is beverage alcohol, we can strengthen our case before the public by exposing its grasping tentacles and its roots prying apart the foundation of society.… Read more ...

Jim Hedges, Prohibition Party Nominee, is on Ballot in Arkansas

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Arkansas Secretary of State’s office has determined that the petition to place Jim Hedges on the November 2016 ballot as a presidential candidate is valid. This is the first time a Prohibition Party petition for a presidential nominee has succeeded since 1996.… Read more ...

Opposition News Article on Gloria La Riva’s Presidential Candidacy

From Mark Wachtler at Opposition News:

The Party for Socialism and Liberation has named its 2016 Presidential ticket. Gloria La Riva is the Party’s nominee for US President and Eugene Puryear is the PSL candidate for Vice President. The pair will be campaigning under the slogan, Vote Socialist in 2016.… Read more ...

American Freedom Party Gains Ballot Access in Mississippi, Prohibition Party Likely Will as Well

american-freedomRichard Winger reports at Ballot Access News that the American Freedom Party, a white nationalist political party, has gained ballot status in Mississippi:

On August 11, the Mississippi Secretary of State informed the American Freedom Party that it is now a ballot-qualified party. The American Freedom Party was formerly known as American Third Position.

Read more ...

Prohibition Party Nominates National Ticket

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On July 31, the Prohibition Party nominated Jim Hedges for President and Bill Bayes for Vice-President. The nomination was made with a two-hour conference call. Hedges lives in Big Tannery Cove, Pennsylvania; Bayes in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Hedges has been the party’s newsletter editor and publisher for many years.… Read more ...

Sad News: Leroy Pletten

2004 and 2008 Prohibition Party vice presidential candidate Leroy John Pletten passed away on April 23, 2015. He was 68.

The National Prohibitionist reports that Pletten was born on November 29, 1946 to parents Einard and Velora Pletten in Tyler, MN. Pletten worked as a Personnel Management Specialist in the Army before retiring and becoming active in the Prohibition Party as the state chairman of the party’s Michigan affiliate, as well as treasurer of the national party.… Read more ...