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National Prohibitionist Updates on Ballot Access and Includes Article on President Rutherford B. Hayes

In the latest edition of The National Prohibitionist, party chairman and presidential nominee Phil Collins reveals the party has officially secured ballot access in Colorado and Vermont, adding to the ballot access already achieved in Arkansas and Mississippi.  This is the most states the party’s nominee has appeared on since 1984. … Read more ...

Cannatruths: Johnson Better than Obama for “Pothead” Voters

President Obama continues to attempt bringing together his liberal base by tackling controversial social issues. It appears he now wants the liberal leaning marijuana users to support him despite policies that threaten to lock them up. Cannatruths offers some suggestions.

First he would need to sign an executive order moving cannabis from a schedule one drug to a schedule five so that it could legally have a value for medical use.

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Tracy Ryan: Hawaii’s New Sex Trafficking Bill Over Reaches the Mark

by Tracy Ryan

[Hawaii state house bill] HB 240 that aimed at cracking down at “sex trafficking” may be the worst bill I have seen signed into law in the seventeen years I have been following the legislature.  It is an example of finding the scariest example of some activity and improperly generalizing it to create fear.… Read more ...

Florida: Libertarians Rally to Publicize Outrageous Raid

From an article by Caroline Gonzmart published Jun 25, 2011, on WCTV:

[IPR Editor’s Note: A news video is available at the link; the station did a decent interview with all of the participants.]

A small group of Florida Libertarians voiced their concern about a citizen who they say is being ‘persecuted’ by government officials.… Read more ...

Bill White: End the Drug War

From an article posted on June 21, 2011, on TheMorningCall.com:

I certainly don’t agree with the Libertarian Party on everything, but when it comes to its stance on the War on Drugs, we’re absolutely on the same page.

To that end, I’d like to share the party’s statement last week as we marked four decades of America’s War on Drugs.

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Darcy Richardson: A Little Respect for the Deceased…

From an article on BattlegroundBlog by Darcy G. Richardson on June 22, 2011

The tiny Prohibition Party, once a significant third party in American politics, nominated little-known Jack Fellure, a retired engineer and Baptist minister from West Virginia, for the nation’s highest office earlier today at its sparsely-attended national convention in Cullman, Alabama.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party June 21-23 2011 Convention Details

Original post by IPR:

The Prohibition Party will be holding its 2011 National Convention on June 21, 22, 23, 2011 in Cullman, Alabama.  Individuals interested in helping to develop the Party Platform for 2012 are asked to make arrangements now to attend.

Speakers include:

  • Atty James Moore, “Governor Catts”
  • Richard Winger, Ballot Access News
  • Steve Gordon, Third Party Watch
  • Eunie Smith, Eagle Forum of AL
  • Joe Godfrey, ALCAP

The convention will be held at the Holiday Inn Express, 2052 Hayes Drive N.W.,… Read more ...

S. Rowan Wilson: Proposed Cannabis Legislation in Nevada

From an article on the Nevada Capital Libertarian Party website:

If there was ever a time to call, email, mail, fax or send message via carrier pigeon to your local Nevada Assembly and Senate members/critters to change our draconian cannabis laws, it is NOW!

Nevada FINALLY has a legislative opportunity to clarify and extend the Medicinal Marijuana laws passed in 2001, NRS chapter 453.

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Steve Kubby: Liberty, Leadership and Libertarianism

We live in an unfree world that desperately needs our Libertarian principles of free choice, free markets and free minds.   Unfortunately, we have been competing in election campaigns against the major parties in what can best be described as the equivalent of entering NASCAR racing events — with pathetic little peddle cars. … Read more ...

Personal Freedom Party: ‘Tell Your Children! Fight The Menace! Kill The Devil! Save The Country!’

Via Liberty Lion:

On November 11, 2010, the Personal Freedom Party adopted the following Slogan:

Tell Your Children! Fight The Menace! Kill The Devil! Save The Country!

The phrase was used in the song “Reefer Madness” from Reefer Madness: The Musical, which is a musical satire of the 1938 cult movie classic Tell Your Children (now commonly referred to as Reefer Madness).

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Libertarian Chair: Time to Re-Legalize Immigration

Press release at LP.org:

WASHINGTON – Amid controversy over U.S. immigration policy, Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle says the proper way to end illegal immigration is to re-legalize immigration. Hinkle released the following statement today:

"In debate after debate, Democratic and Republican politicians have decried the problem of illegal immigration, called for more border security and employer sanctions, and eagerly searched for evidence that their rivals employed undocumented help.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party blog: Mexico Ex-President Fox Calls for Drug Legalization

Posted by Libertarian National Committee Chair Mark Hinkle at Libertarian Party blog:

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said his country should legalize the production and sale of drugs in order to curb rising cartel-related violence.

Legalizing narcotics would curtail funding to organized crime groups, who are using profits from the drug trade to consolidate power, Fox wrote yesterday on his personal website.… Read more ...