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Root: Jon Corzine Scandal Exposes Liberal Ponzi Scheme

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Newsmax.com Feature Article
We’re all in trouble when the joke is on our most connected politicians. Jon Corzine is the former CEO of Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs. Even God shudders when the CEO of Goldman walks in the room (or so Goldman executives think). Corzine left Goldman with a half billion-dollar fortune and became a United States Senator.… Read more ...

David Colborne: Reid Not Stimulated By Legal Prostitution

Emailed by David Colborne to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

At 14.6%, nearly 5% higher than the national average, Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Consequently, when Harry Reid, Nevada’s senior politician in Washington and the current Senate Majority Leader, came to address the Nevada Legislature on Tuesday, his focus was, logically enough, on jobs.… Read more ...