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California LP, Green and Peace and Freedom Parties Release Joint Press Release on the Top Two Primary Election System

This joint statement from the Green, Libertarian and Peace and Freedom parties was distributed to members of the State Legislature on May 23, 2013. This document is available as a PDF here.

Top Two Elections and their Effects on the Smaller Parties

A joint statement from the Green Party, Libertarian Party and Peace and Freedom Party
May 23, 2013

  • Top Two makes it much harder and more expensive for candidates of small parties to qualify for the primary election ballot, thereby reducing their number to a record low.
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Article on Top Two in California Separates Fact from Fiction

This article by Paul Mitchell highlights how Top Two has impacted California elections, as opposed to how it was supposed to effect elections. Mitchell sets out to separate myth from reality:

Much of this year’s legislative and congressional drama has focused on the decennial redistricting, but the greater impact could come from our seemingly annual attempt to change election systems in California.

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Top 10 Green Party Stories of 2010

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

2010 was a roller coaster year for the Green Party. Mid-term elections proved voter dissatisfaction with the Democrats in power, but the media-darling Tea Party Movement drove voters to reactionary candidates, not helping Greens at the polls. International Greens saw successes in the United Kingdom, Australia, and other places, while US Greens were moved by the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza under siege by Israeli forces.… Read more ...

Statement by Attorney Gautam Dutta in response to Governor Schwarzenegger and Lieutenant Governor Maldonado’s attacks on the SB 6 / Prop 14 lawsuit

Press release emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Statement by Attorney Gautam Dutta in response to Governor Schwarzenegger and Lieutenant Governor Maldonado’s attacks on the SB 6 / Prop 14 lawsuit.

“Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado’s joint attacks on the SB 6 lawsuit are baseless attempts to deviate attention from the real issues at hand.… Read more ...

StopTopTwo.org’s Christina Tobin Tells Governor Schwarzenegger to Calm Down

Press release emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – As reported in the San Jose Mercury News Thursday, July 29, a lawsuit was filed charging that state Senate Bill 6 is unconstitutional. SB 6 is the legislation that put Proposition 14, the Top Two election system, on the June 8 California ballot.… Read more ...

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Implementation of Prop 14

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

SAN FRANCISCO — A lawsuit was filed today seeking an injunction to stop the state of California from implementing Senate Bill 6 (SB 6), the law that carries out Proposition 14 (Top-Two Open Primary Act).

The court documents are available for download at http://businessandelectionlaw.com/sb6

The complaint, filed in San Francisco Superior Court, argues SB 6 is unconstitutional because the law:

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Top Two Primary, Proposition 14, Passes in California

Every party, including every third party, in California opposed Proposition 14, but that did not stop it from passing tonight. With 54.7% of the votes reporting statewide, the measure has 56.5% voting for it. The final 44.5% of votes that are as of yet unreported is unlikely to change the wide lead that Proposition 14 has in the reported votes.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader, Christina Tobin, Both On-Air Today Against California’s Proposition 14

Christina Tobin
(415) 599-5222

Ralph Nader
(202) 387-8034

Ralph Nader to Speak against Proposition 14 on Ron Owen’s KGO Show at 9:30 a.m. on Monday

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California Libertarians produce anti-Prop 14 ad

The California Libertarian Party has produced — and, with the financial assistance of the Libertarian National Committee, intends to run — a one-minute radio ad against passage of Proposition 14 (the “top two” proposal that would keep third party candidates off the state’s November ballots).

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Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle Opposes Proposition 14

The first press release to come out of the Libertarian Party headquarters in the aftermath of the 2010 National Convention is about opposing Proposition 14, signaling that the new administration intends to make Proposition 14 an issue in the coming week before the June 8th California primary.

WASHINGTON – Mark Hinkle, newly elected chair of the National Libertarian Party, and former chair of the Libertarian Party of California, issued the following statement today about California’s Proposition 14, the “Top-Two” elections measure:

“Californians, please vote NO on Proposition 14.

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Last Day of LP National Convention, Meeting of New LNC

The last day of the National Convention consisted of the last officer elections and, after the convention was adjourned, a meeting of the new Libertarian National Committee.

The election for the five open at-large seats on the LNC were held early this morning. Nominated candidates were: Dr. Tom Stevens, Wayne Root, Kevin Knedler, John Jay Myers, Lee Wrights, Rebecca Sink-Burris, Judge Jim Gray, Sam Sloan, Bill Redpath, Dr.… Read more ...

StopTopTwo.Org Announces Two Events for Wednesday: San Francisco Labor Council Press Conference and Marin Libertarian Party’s Pre-Primary Event

Christina Tobin
(415) 599-5222

Cres Velucci
(916) 996-9170


StopTopTwo.Org Announces Two Events for Wednesday: San Francisco Labor Council Press Conference and Marin Libertarian Party’s Pre-Primary Event
WHAT StopTopTwo.Org announces two events for Wednesday:

* The San Francisco Labor Council will hold a press conference at noon.… Read more ...