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Russel Mokhiber of Singler Payer Action on establishment liberals’ failure to stand up for third parties and ‘the American people’

From Counterpunch, and also posted at Single Payer Action:

But under the Connecticut law, minor party candidates and independents have to show public support by raising the small contributions.

But then they must do more.

They have to gather a certain number of signatures – or show a certain level of voter support from past elections to qualify for the public funding.

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Independent candidates have run strong in most of the last ten gubernatorial elections in Maine


From Gordon Weil at Maine’s Morning Sentinel:

Since 1974, when Maine began to see credible independent candidates for governor, there have been 10 gubernatorial elections in Maine. Independents ran in nine of them.

Only two were won by candidates who captured a majority of the vote. In other words, eight of the last 10 Maine governors were elected by less than half of the voters.… Read more ...

MA: Stein and Cahill Will Accept Public Funding in Gubernatorial Contest

From the Boston Herald via TPID:

Independent candidate for governor Timothy Cahill has agreed to accept public financing in his campaign for governor by limiting his spending to $1.5 million. The state Office of Campaign and Political Finance announced Tuesday that Cahill and Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jill Stein both agreed to the spending limit, which allows them to collect up to $750,000 each in public funding for the general election.… Read more ...

Moderate Party of Rhode Island sues state over discriminatory campaign finance law

Below is a post from Ballot Access News and a press release on the subject.

Ballot Access News:

On June 21, the Moderate Party, a ballot-qualified party in Rhode Island, filed a federal lawsuit called Moderate Party of Rhode Island v Lynch.  Here is the complaint.  The number has not been assigned yet.

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Maine Green Party Will Have no Candidate for Governor

Reposted from Ballot Access News:

On March 15, Lynne Williams announced that her petition drive to get on the Green Party’s primary ballot for Governor will not succeed. See this story. Although the Green Party is ballot-qualified in Maine, it still has ballot access problems. That is because Maine is one of three states that makes it very difficult for members of a small ballot-qualified party to get on their own party’s primary ballot.

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‘Greens No Longer Clean’

DownEast.com has an interesting analysis of Maine Green Party gubernatorial candidate Lynne Williams’ decision to not go for public campaign financing.  The Green Party has traditionally done very well in Maine and accepted public financing, and third parties are expected to do well this year in the gubernatorial race, although some recent changes in ballot access and campaign finance law – as well as a few other factors – have changed this.… Read more ...

Green candidate for NYC city council benefits from public campaign finance, pens op-ed

Lynne Serpe, the Green Party candidate for City Council in Queens’ District 22, has raised over $100,000 with the help of the city’s public campaign financing program.  She has also recently written an op-ed piece for the New York Daily News in favor of instant runoff voting.  Thanks to Green Party Watch for both of these stories.… Read more ...

Could Public Funding of Congressional Candidates Help Independent/Third Party Candidates?

The following story at Ballot Access News describes a bill that is expected to be introduced within the week, and reflects on the possible impact for independent and third party candidates.

from Ballot Access News
Public Funding of Congressional Candidates
March 24th, 2009

A bill will be introduced in Congress within a week to provide for public funding for candidates for Congress, according to this Washington Post story of March 23.

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Barr says he would refuse public financing

Posted at Bob Barr blog

Bob recently talked with the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii about the campaign. He gave an overview of why he left the GOP and explained that he has enjoyed working with the Libertarian Party and is proud to be the party’s nominee.

He was also asked if he would accept public financing.

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Green Party Congressional Roundup

Posted at Green Party Watch by Gregg Jocoy

This is essentially little more than a series of links to stories about Greens running for Congress.

Wanda Sabir writes about New Orleans based Green Malik Rahim and his campaign for Congress from his New Orleans district.

Perhaps candidates like Rahim who believe in a sustainable economy and true social justice will change the tenets of a party that is more on the page than the other two, which aren’t even in the right chapter.

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