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LP: Wherefore the urge to purge?

IPR reader “Gains” comments regarding the LP of Florida’s motion to boot Wayne Root from the LNC and LNCC:

WHEREAS, we are not able to produce peace enough in our party to act as friends and allies, and

WHEREAS, our petty jealousies, repressed fears, and incapacity for social interaction render us unable to allow charismatic people to leverage their skills for our benefit, and,

WHEREAS, we are unwilling to promote our ideals to the public because, well, we don’t know how to talk to the public, and,

WHEREAS, we are fearful of engaging the enemy and find others circled in the wagons with us much easier targets with which to prove our marksmanship, and,

WHEREAS, socializing others whose understandings are less than optimal is not nearly as fun as using our position in coalition trust to make sport out of destroying others good works, and,

WHEREAS, political activism that is effective is too much work compared to getting together and writing acerbic declarations, and,

WHEREAS, libertarian ethics are easy to corrupt and ignore when a contrived Machiavellian game, or juicy rumor of personal pain piques our appetite for unattained personal power:

NOW LET IT BE THEREFORE RESOLVED, the mote in our eye is nothing compared to the splinter in _____.… Read more ...