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2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidates: Where Are They Now?

While it is widely known that 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is again seeking his party’s presidential nomination, the activities of the unsuccessful 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidates are not so obvious.  I decided to research the matter and provide an update on the former candidates.  I found that out of the nine principal 2012 challengers to Johnson, one is deceased, two have expressed support for Republican front-runner Donald Trump, and three more are again running for President.… Read more ...

Mary Ruwart: The Million Vote March succeeds, Washington take heed!

In late February Lee Wrights, Libertarian Party presidential hopeful, put up the Million Vote March website. The idea was simple: if voters didn’t like either of the “establishment” candidates, they were encouraged to cast a protest vote for the Libertarian Party nominee and push his vote count to a record-breaking 1,000,000 votes.… Read more ...

Lee Wrights: Why I’m voting for Gary Johnson

by R. Lee Wrights

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” – John Quincy Adams

Your vote is the most important, the most critical, the most precious gift you can give anyone running for elected office.… Read more ...

Lee Wrights: Support our troops. Bring them all home now

by R. Lee Wrights

Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” H.L. Mencken expanded that definition when he said, “Patriotism, in truth, is the great nursery of scoundrels … Its chief glories are the demagogue, the military bully, and the spreaders of libels and false history.”

I think of this definition every time I hear the phrase or see a sign or bumper sticker that says “Support Our Troops.”… Read more ...

Lee Wrights: No shots were fired

by R. Lee Wrights

Here’s a news story you’ll rarely read in your local newspaper:

YOUR HOMETOWN (Today) – A masked man armed with a rifle entered a local school today, but left quickly when one of the teachers produced a revolver and ordered him to leave.

No one was injured and no shots were fired in the incident.… Read more ...

Lee Wrights: Don’t be afraid to be who you were meant to be

by R. Lee Wrights

When I was young and just starting out in political life, I believe I went through the same terrible experience Ron Paul supporters just went through in Tampa. Part of my political awakening was learning that the views I held, the belief in individual rights and personal responsibility, had a name — libertarian.… Read more ...

Lee Wrights: No number is greater than one

by R. Lee Wrights

“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” – Ayn Rand

When it comes to individual rights, no number is greater than one. One person, one hundred people, one thousand people, one million people do not have any more rights than the individual.Read more ...

Lee Wrights: The sanity of self-defense

by R. Lee Wrights
Liberty for All

I have been called numerous things in the many years I have spent embroiled in various causes; but, until a couple of years ago I had never been called a gun wacko. Oddly enough I was labeled as such because of something I wrote that advocated individuals taking responsibility for their own defense.… Read more ...

CA LNC Alternate Rep Suggests Johnson Campaign Should Sacrifice Ballot Access to Unseat Wagner

An email from Scott Lieberman of CA made its way onto the LNCDiscussPublic list regarding the Johnson campaign for president and the ongoing controversy in the Oregon LP. Dr. Lieberman is an Alternate Regional Representative to the Libertarian National Party from Region 4, which includes Arkansas, California, Nevada, New Mexico and New York.… Read more ...

Lee Wrights: The Quiet War On Ballot Access

by R. Lee Wrights

Not all of America’s wars are clear and visible. For decades establishment politicians have been waging a quiet, secret war most Americans don’t even realize is going on. But this war is just as destructive of our liberty as the war in Afghanistan, the war on drugs, the war on taxpayers and the myriads of other conflicts our government is waging.… Read more ...