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LP Radical Caucus: To Krugman, With Love

1bu7xuDear Mr. Krugman,

Thank you for advertising the platform of the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus (LPRC) is a caucus of activists within the Libertarian Party who believe you missed the mark.

The LPRC was formed in 2006 because its founding members saw a need to encourage the Libertarian Party to stay true to its ideological roots.… Read more ...

The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus Issues its Positions on Platform and Bylaws Committee Recommendations

791109168f9766207150ef17018da8beec8199aeFrom the LPRadicals website:

The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus has reviewed the reports of the Bylaws Committee and the Platform Committee and issued its positions and recommendations. On items on which there was “no position” taken there was either not a clear radical concern or there was not consensus amongst the LPRC Board.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Radical Caucus: Formally Organized

g10807-0-6 The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus in its current iteration has been in existence since 2006. Earlier this month, they formally organized for activities during the 2016 Libertarian Party Convention as the Libertarian Wing of the Libertarian Party.

The Radical Caucus key points and organizing principles are:

Natural Rights Are Utilitarian – The central commitment of the Libertarian Party should be to individual liberty.… Read more ...

Various Events At Libertarian Party National Convention, Bylaws Voting By Mail

Thomas Knapp reports from the Radical Caucus Lunch, an informal meeting of that caucus, that there were over 50 delegates present.

He was also present at the founding of the Non-Intervention Caucus, which I am told was “well attended” by delegates, I’ll try to find numbers for attendance. It’s purpose is to oppose the platform committee recommendation on plank 3.3, concerning war, and to defend the existing language of that platform plank.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Transparency Caucus forming

Posted at Next Free Voice by Matt Harris and at IPR by Paulie. To avoid editorializing, which is against IPR site policy, I will confine my additional thoughts to the comment section, except to add A) that two out of four of us so far like the name “Sunshine Caucus” better and B) a very rudimentary website exists, but we want to make a good first impression, so (realizing that it opens us up to the charge of hypocrisy) we are not linking it here yet, but will share it with those who actually want to help develop it first (email us, or, if you don’t have any of our email addresses, write contact.ipr@gmail.com… Read more ...

Less Antman on restoring the Libertarian brand name

by Less Antman. Also posted on my blog, among others.

In 1985, the Board of Directors of Coca-Cola committed one of the biggest marketing gaffes in history. After decades of establishing their product as “The Real Thing,” they accepted the findings of their research team that discovered a taste people preferred in blind tests, and proudly announced that they had improved the formula.… Read more ...

LPNY chair to BTP: Drop dead

In this essay, LP radical and LPNY state chair Eric Sundwall advocates that radical libertarians avoid the BTP and stay in the LP. It is entitled Party Like It’s 1973, an apparent ironic reference to Party like it’s 1773 by BTP interim chair Jim Davidson.

I was somewhat intrigued when popular Libertarian blogger Tom Knapp started the Boston Tea Party soon after the 2006 Portland massacre.

Read more ...