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Vohra Suspension Motion Fails

From an article on Marc Montoni’s “FreeVirginia” blog:

A motion to suspend Arvin Vohra (Twitter, Maryland US Senate Campaign Website, Facebook, MeWe) from his position on the Libertarian National Committee has failed.

Current LP chairman Nick Sarwark (Twitter, Phoenix Mayor Campaign website, Facebook) wrote up his opinion on the subject.

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LPRadicals: No New Gun Restrictions

From a Media Release written by Nick Boss for the LP Radical Caucus:

Recently, President Donald Trump announced that he would “push for comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health’ for gun sales, saying that the age of purchasers should be raised to 21 and bump stocks should be banned.”… Read more ...

Thomas Hill: The libertarian message is peace – be it and live it

by Thomas Hill

BURNET, Texas (Feb. 23) – Since I signed on as the campaign manager of the Lee Wrights for President Exploratory Committee I’ve taken some heat from some of my radical and anarchist friends in the libertarian movement, people I love and respect, for getting involved in electoral politics.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: ‘Rules for Radicals: Obama’s New Plan to Destroy America’

Written by Wayne Allyn Root.

From his website: Root for America dot Com

Could voters be foolish enough to fall for Obama’s new plan to destroy America? A few months ago I played Paul Revere with my commentary “The Real Obama Economic Plan: Purposely Overwhelming the System to Destroy Capitalism.”… Read more ...

Kn@ppster: Reasons for Radicals (to return to the Libertarian Party)

Posted by Tom Knapp:

I don’t spend a lot of time trying to convince radicals who’ve rejected (or left) the Libertarian Party to re-evaluate it (or return to it).

That’s not because I don’t want agorists, anarchists, voluntaryists, et. al in the LP. As a matter of fact, I very much do want them there.… Read more ...

Update on the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus

The current incarnation of the LP radical caucus was created in 2006 by Susan Hogarth and other party members unhappy with the outcome of the 2006 party platform vote.

Radical Caucus Key Points

The Radical Caucus believes these four points are key strategic principles in furthering the work of the Libertarian Party toward, as our platform describes it, “a world set free in our lifetime”.

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LPNY chair to BTP: Drop dead

In this essay, LP radical and LPNY state chair Eric Sundwall advocates that radical libertarians avoid the BTP and stay in the LP. It is entitled Party Like It’s 1973, an apparent ironic reference to Party like it’s 1773 by BTP interim chair Jim Davidson.

I was somewhat intrigued when popular Libertarian blogger Tom Knapp started the Boston Tea Party soon after the 2006 Portland massacre.

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Should libertarians consider Chuck Baldwin?

Following the nomination of former Republican congressman Bob Barr, many Libertarians are struggling with whether they’ll be able to support their party’s candidate.

Bob Barr’s positives are obvious to all. The 46% of LP delegates who rejected him on the final ballot were well aware of Barr’s pros, and decided they were outweighed by his cons.… Read more ...