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Two Libertarians Elected In Louisiana By Filing For Office

Two Alderman have been elected in Louisiana’s partisan elections before the races have even occurred. Randall Hayes and Michael Riffe are both Libertarian Party candidates for villages in Winn Parish, Louisiana. In each case, three Alderman are to be elected in the upcoming elections and only three candidates have filed, so the Libertarian Party candidates are to be elected by default.… Read more ...

Libertarian Randall Hayes: Baton Rouge NPR station gives 5 minutes of airtime to each U.S. Senate candidate

Email from Randall Hayes to

WRKF, the NPR affiliate in Baton Rouge, offered five minutes of unedited airtime to each of the twelve candidates in Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race. Seven of those candidates accepted the offer and their addresses were broadcast over the last several days.… Read more ...

Louisiana Legislator Leaves GOP to Become Independent and Files For U.S. Senate

Ernest D. Wooton has been a Republican Representative in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, since 1999. Wooton recently changed his registration to Independent and filed for the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana, against GOP incumbent David Vitter.

Rep. Wooton represents the parish which is geographically closest to the oil spill and is expected to make that his main issue in running.… Read more ...