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LNC Chair Sarwark FreedomFest Presentations

CAM01066 Libertarian Party National Committee Chair, Nicholas Sarwark, appeared in two sessions at FreedomFest earlier today.  First as a guest speaker for Reason Magazine’s “Election 2016: The Collapse of the Republicans and Democrats, the Rise of the Libertarian Party and the Glorious Future of American Politics,” and then as the sole presenter for “Political Economy in Diversifying your Political Investment.”  Audio of the entire Reason session may be purchased HERE and of Nick’s full Political Economy presentation, HERE. … Read more ...

Reason Weekly Contest: Invictus for Senate bumper sticker slogans


Reason’s Hit & Run blog has a weekly humorous contest for its readers. The object of this week’s contest was a certain controversial candidate who has been the object of extensive coverage here at IPR.

Augustus Sol Invictus, a Libertarian candidate for the Senate from Florida, has admitted to sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood.

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Gary Johnson interview with Reason’s Nick Gillespie at FreedomFest

Description from reason.tv:

“Is this country of 300 million people only capable of being governed by two families?,” asks Gary Johnson, the former two-term Republican governor from New Mexico, who also ran for president in 2012 on the Libertarian Party (LP) line. “The biggest factor in politics is name familiarity,” says Johnson, referring to Clinton and Bush, “and that’s the phenomenon that exists right now.”

Johnson began the 2012 campaign as a Republican, and then switched to the LP.

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Garrett Quinn: The Free State Project Grows Up

The following is an article from the June 2013 issue of Reason magazine about the Free State Project. It is part of the front page series called “Experiments in Libertarian Living.” The three experiments are FSP, free cities in Honduras and secessionionists in Australia. Garrett Quinn is a frequent contributor who covered the 2012 Libertarian Party National Convention in Las Vegas.… Read more ...

Reason: Johnson Files Complaints, No Plans as Libertarian


Gary Johnson Files Complaint With the FEC and FCC, Has No Plans to Run as a Libertarian

Lucy Steigerwald | November 15, 2011

Former Gov. Gary Johnson, the guy having the world’s most frustrating presidential campaign, is joining Congressman Ron Paul in rejecting calls to run on the Libertarian Party ticket.… Read more ...

LP Blog: Lanny Friedlander, RIP

From a blog post by Dan Wiener at LP.org on March 26, 2011:

Lanny Friedlander, the originator of Reason Magazine, has passed away.  Nick Gillespie provides more information at this link to Reason.com.

I first met Lanny in the late 1960’s after he founded Reason Magazine and I subscribed to it. 

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Matt Welch: ‘The Great Libertarian Conspiracy’

Excerpts from an article by Matt Welch of Reason:

New York Times columnist Frank Rich accused the Kochs of plotting “a billionaires’ coup” to secure “corporate pork,” tax cuts, and a blank check for Wall Street bailouts. “What the Koch brothers have bought with their huge political outlays,” opined Times columnist Paul Krugman, “is, above all, freedom to pollute.” The New York Observer’s Yasha Levine concluded that the brothers are “not very” libertarian, as evidenced by their fondness for “using government subsidies to maximize their own profits.” The Democratic National Committee hammered Koch Industries for laying off 118 workers at a North Carolina plant: “The question for the Kochs is instead of spending money on secret campaigns to fill the government with candidates that will enact their special interest agenda, why aren’t they spending that money on saving those American jobs?”


If these attacks appear to lack a consistent theme, it’s because Democrats need the Koch bogeyman to accomplish so many political tasks.

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Reason Magazine: Who’s Getting Your Vote?

As Campaign 2008 entered its home stretch, Reason Magazine asked a variety of policy wonks, journalists, thinkers, and other public figures to reveal for whom they are voting this fall, for whom they pulled the lever the last two times around, whether this is the most important election in their lifetimes, what they’ll miss most about the Bush administration, and which past president they’d most like to have waterboarded.… Read more ...

Bob Barr in Reason Magazine counter-debate, Fox News, American Spectator, Politico Gameday and New York Times

Bob Barr blog reports that video of the Reason magazine counter-debate with Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr is now available:

In other Barr news, the blog has video of the candidate on the Fox program Your World with Neil Cavuto:

Barr has five campaign stops in the Charleston, SC area today, and has been given credit by the American Spectator, Politico Gamedayand the New York Times for helping to stop the Wall Street bailout.… Read more ...

Q&A with Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr at Reason Magazine HQ

Via Reason Hit and Run

On Friday, September 26 at Reason Magazine’s Washington DC Headquarters, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr participated in the presidential debates with a live studio audience. Here, he makes his closing statement and fields questions from the audience; the moderator is reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch.

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Reason.com to livestream Bob Barr debate commentary

Via the IPR tip line

Reason.com to livestream Bob Barr debate commentary:


For those who can’t make it to the Bob Barr event in reason’s DC HQ tonight, we’ll be experimenting with a live stream online. The stream will go live at http://www.mogulus.com/reason at 8:55 [pm Eastern time] with Bob Barr answering debate questions in real time.

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Contributions to Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr top $1 million

The contribution countdown ticker at BobBarr2008.com has topped $1 million for the first time.

This caps off what deputy campaign manager Shane Cory describes as a wild week

Earlier this week, we received word that our case in Texas — where both John McCain and Barack Obama failed to certify their place on the ballot by the deadline — was denied.

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