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Posts tagged as “reform caucus”

Libertarian Party Transparency Caucus forming

Posted at Next Free Voice by Matt Harris and at IPR by Paulie. To avoid editorializing, which is against IPR site policy, I will confine my additional thoughts to the comment section, except to add A) that two out of four of us so far like the name “Sunshine Caucus” better and B) a very rudimentary website exists, but we want to make a good first impression, so (realizing that it opens us up to the charge of hypocrisy) we are not linking it here yet, but will share it with those who actually want to help develop it first (email us, or, if you don’t have any of our email addresses, write… Read more ...

Less Antman on restoring the Libertarian brand name

by Less Antman. Also posted on my blog, among others.

In 1985, the Board of Directors of Coca-Cola committed one of the biggest marketing gaffes in history. After decades of establishing their product as “The Real Thing,” they accepted the findings of their research team that discovered a taste people preferred in blind tests, and proudly announced that they had improved the formula.… Read more ...