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Kansas Secretary of State Makes it More Difficult for a Party to Remain on the Ballot; Removes Reform Party

From Ballot Access News, June 14, 2013:

Kansas Secretary of State Re-Interprets Law to Make it More Difficult for a Party to Remain on the Ballot; Removes Reform Party

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach recently re-interpreted Kansas election law section 25-302b, the law that determines how a party remains on the ballot.… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin receives Reform Party of Kansas 2012 Presidential Nomination

As reported on Ballot Access News, the Reform Party of Kansas has nominated pastor Chuck Baldwin for president. The party, which is ballot qualified in Kansas, is no longer affiliated with the national Reform Party of the United States.

Baldwin was the party’s 2008 nominee for president and the nominee of the national Constitution Party.… Read more ...

KS: Libertarian and Reform Parties Aim for Major Party Status

From the Kansas City Star via TPID:

With so many citizens fed up with both Democrats and Republicans this year, third-party candidates in Kansas hope protest votes will push them into the big leagues.

Some observers think the Libertarian or Reform parties have a real chance of winning 5 percent of the vote statewide, which would give them major-party status in the state and more access to debates.

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Kansas Reform Party Gubernatorial Candidate Travels the State

The Kansas Reform Party is one of the few remaining active Reform Party state affiliates. The party has consistently run candidates, even after the collapse of the national Reform Party. The party’s gubernatorial candidate made the Leavenworth Times a few days ago.

Leavenworth, Kan. — Ken Cannon acknowledges his campaign doesn’t have as much money as those of other candidates.
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Reform Party of Kansas To Hold State Convention

The Reform Party of Kansas is one of the few remaining active state chapters of the Reform Party, which has fallen into disarray and broken into many factions. The Kansas affiliate is one of the chapters that was closely aligned with Pat Buchanan. In 2008 they gave their presidential nomination to Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate.… Read more ...