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Ohio Tea Party Groups, Newspapers and More Endorse Libertarian Candidates

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The North Central Ohio Tea Party announced yesterday that they are endorsing four Libertarian candidates for their respective offices: Charlie Earl for Secretary of State, Matthew Cantrell for state Treasurer, Jeffrey Blevins for 16th Congressional District, and Robert Brent Vollmer for Court of Appeals, 5th District.… Read more ...

Robert Owens, Independent candidate for Ohio AG, polls 13%

Robert Owens, who has been endorsed by the Libertarian, Constitution, and Reform parties of Ohio, is running as an Independent candidate for Ohio Attorney General in Ohio. A poll was done recently by SurveyUSA which put Mr. Owens at 13%. This has stirred up some press in Ohio.

CLEVELAND — The race to replace Marc Dann as Ohio Attorney General includes an independent candidate who is attracting some voters.

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The top 10 of 2008: #10-6

I have spent the last couple of days compiling information on the top 10 independent or third-party candidates in the country in 2008. For obvious reasons, this list had to have very specific criterion, otherwise it would have been far too expansive and far too hard to rank. So this list is specifically for candidates vying for federal or state-wide office, excepting the Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidates.… Read more ...