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Libertarian Party blog: Free Market Heroes

Posted at LP.org by Andrew Davis

When it comes to your life and government regulation, the government has two rules.  The first: Government is never wrong.  The second: Should there be an exception to the first rule, government was at least trying to do the right thing, so they are still right.  

Even after growing up, going to college and becoming a functioning part of society as an adult, the government looms over us like an overbearing and extremely protective parent.  Firearms are dangerous, so the government tells us we must put trigger-locks on all of our guns.  Certain light bulbs are good for saving money, so government requires by law us to use compact fluorescent lights.… Read more ...

LP: Obama, McCain don’t get free passes on gun issue

Curiously, although the Gun Owners of America takes a much more hardcore position on the gun issue which is far more in line with the LP platform (yes, even after Portland and Denver), this press release quotes the much more milquetoastish, reliable Republican sycophants at the NRA instead. GOA created the F- category in its rating system specifically for John McCain.… Read more ...