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Gary Johnson: Gingrich Would Have Taken War on Drugs to a Lethal Level

Press release at GaryJohnson2012.com:

Former Speaker Proposed Death Penalty for Bringing 2 Ozs. Of Marijuana Into U.S.

January 23, 2012, New York, NY — Appearing on MSNBC Saturday, former New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson reminded viewers that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sponsored legislation (text below) in 1996 that would have imposed the death penalty for Americans caught bringing as little as 2 ounces of marijuana into the country.… Read more ...

Laurence Vance: ‘Am I Being Unfair to the Republican Liberty Caucus?’

H/T Marc Montoni. Laurence Vance writes at LewRockwell.com about whether the Republican Liberty Caucus is ideologically libertarian (excerpt):

I was primarily attacking the worthless and evil GOP and only secondarily criticizing the RLC for the dishonest postcard. My first criticism was: “It says that the Republican Party ‘won big on libertarian themes’ in the recent election.

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American Conservative Party: ‘Republican Hypocrisy and the Tea Party movement’

Posted at http://theamericanconservatives.org:

I am hard pressed to find a better illustration of a) Republican hypocricy, and b) why the “Tea Party” movement should have little or nothing to do with the GOP. This is from the CATO Institute’s Website.

The Washington Times recently used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain letters sent to the USDA by numerous Republican lawmakers seeking stimulus money for their constituents.

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