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Libertarian Party Monday Message: Republican Wall of Shame ad has been placed in Washington Post online

IPR Note: The original headline of the Monday message is “Wall of Shame ad is live,” but since we already reported that, and there had been questions about whether the ad had actually been placed in the Post, I thought this headline would do a better job of keeping our readers up with the news.Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Press falsely credits Republicans with “deep cuts”

Press release from LPHQ:

WASHINGTON – The mainstream press is falsely crediting Republicans for proposing "deep cuts" in federal spending. To fight back, the Libertarian Party is promoting its "Republican Wall of Shame" with an online ad in the Washington Post.

Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle said, "I can’t believe the press is saying Republicans are making deep cuts.… Read more ...

Republican Wall of Shame is up

Staff at LP blog:

The "Republican Wall of Shame" page is active.

Take a look and learn why people should not believe Republican rhetoric about "cutting government," and also learn some good reasons to join the Libertarian Party.

The wall has been graphically redesigned from the earlier version, but the content is still the same.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Shall we spend $30k for “Republican Wall of Shame” ad?

Via email and LP blog:

Dear Friend of Liberty,
wall of shame
We have an incredible opportunity thanks to a generous $10,000 gift from an angry donor.

He’s so mad about the people listed on our "Republican Wall of Shame" that he gave us $10,000 if we would run an ad with the Republican Wall of Shame in the Washington Post.… Read more ...

Leftist observer enjoys conservative/libertarian split at CPAC, supports strengthening Libertarian Party

Lubbock Left, a blog hosted but not edited by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

Social conservatives and libertarians don’t get along. Here’s a FOX News opinion piece about the recent CPAC Conference illustrating that point. (To my friends on the right: yes, I occasionally read FOX News, holding my nose the whole time.)

Read more ...

Libertarian Party Monday Message: Video from CPAC 2011

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I think you’ll enjoy this video of the LP in action at CPAC (pronounced "see-pack"), the Conservative Political Action Conference.

LP Headquarters staff and volunteers hosted a booth last Thursday through Saturday here in Washington, D.C., featuring the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and the "Republican Wall of Shame."Read more ...