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Former Green Party NYC Mayor candidate will celebrate Bank Transfer Day, November 5th

Bank Transfer Day has not been officially endorsed by the Green Party of The United States. Though, there are official Green Party positions on the value of credit unions. And, you can celebrate Bank Transfer Day with Reverend Billy Talen, the 2009 Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City.… Read more ...

Reverend Billy found “not guilty”, and announces support for Occupy Wall Street

Reverend Billy, aka Billy Talen, ran for Mayor of New York City in 2009, on the Green Party line.Press Release from the Reverend Billy Bulletin:

Occupy Wall Street Support, Reverend Billy Not Guilty

 Reverend Billy and The Choir at Kayford Mountain, WV the site of extensive Moutain Top Removal photo Brennan Cavanaugh
Today (October 20, 2011) in Manhattan Criminal Court Honorable Judge James Burke found longtime NYC activist Reverend Billy Talen not guilty of Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree.
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Videos: Green Party activists at Occupy Wall Street

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

As the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to gain momentum, Green Party activists and candidates are in the thick of the action. In these videos, Cheri Honkala, candidate for Philadelphia Sheriff, Reverend Billy Talen, former candidate for NYC Mayor, and NY Green Party organizers Mark Dunlea and Michael O’Neil report from the belly of the beast:

Cheri Honkala visits Occupy Wall Street from Jason Bosch on Vimeo.… Read more ...

Former Green Party Mayor Candidate Rev. Billy Talen at Theatre 80 in NYC

(excerpt from) NYUlocal.com
Convert To Anti-Consumerism (Or Something Like It) At The Church Of Earthalujah

by Colt Steele on January 31st, 2011

…according to the group’s website, the performances are “an urban study of indigenous wisdom, wrap[ped] with a distortion of Jimmy Swaggart and a radical gospel choir from around the world… that’s the Church of Earthalujah!

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Green Party writer Siân Berry dreams of a “Green Christmas”

(excerpt from) MNN.COM: Lifestyle
I’m dreaming of a green Christmas
Atheist and Green Party campaigner Siân Berry isn’t against Christmas. She just wants us to turn down the consumerism and ramp up the joy. An excerpt from a new compilation.

Fri, Dec 03 2010

…Being green and being religious can fit together well.

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NYC Greens to hold meeting to establish citywide Green committee

From Green Party Watch:

From Green Party of Brooklyn:

Meeting to establish citywide Green committee

Thurs, June 25,  6:30P – 9P,  Rev Billy Talen For Mayor HQ – 250 Lafayette St.

One of the key action items that emerged from our citywide strategic planning process was to set up a citywide Green committee consisting of representatives from all five boroughs’ county organizations as well as at large members.

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Reverend Billy’s busy week: Prophesizes mining disaster, gets arrested, welcomes child into world

Reverend Billy Talen is an activist and performance artist who ran for Mayor of New York City on the Green Party line in 2009. You can find updates on Reverend Billy’s actions at his main web-site: here. Here is what happened to Reverend Billy last week:

The Huffington Post reports that Reverend Billy has been doing a series of protests where he puts a “Holy Hex” on JP Morgan Chase banks, to bring attention to the banks’ support of mountain top removal in Appalachia.… Read more ...

Reverend Billy: ‘Avatar and the Commons’

Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping (and the Green Party of New York City) recently published a post on his blog about the new “inverted Western” film Avatar and its “earth-based spirituality.”  Read the full thing here.

John Wayne’s shoot-em-ups helped the American public learn to handle imperial war.

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Peace & Freedom Party: Interview with Reverend Billy of The Church of Life After Shopping

Posted at peaceandfreedom.org:

By Bob Maschi

Reverend Billy’s voice carries like a wing in the wind, dipping and swirling as it echoes off invisible stained glass walls. His hair is set high, like a silver grill in front if a muscle car from the 50s. He looks and sounds the preacher, yet he does not often talk about hell or damnation or stoning adulterers.… Read more ...

Rev. Billy prophetic: Reports say Bloomberg spent $102 million dollars

As posted at: onthewilderside.com:
On election day, November 3, 2009, a whimsical post appeared at the Reverend Billy for Mayor of NYC website. Reverend Billy’s campaign claimed that, since he had just won $100 million dollars in the lottery, Reverend Billy now had a fair chance to beat Mayor Bloomberg for Mayor.… Read more ...

Former Green Party candidate Reverend Billy at Black Friday demos in NYC

Reverend Billy is an activist and performance artist who was the Green Party’s candidate for Mayor of New York City for 2009.

The Adbusters Media Foundation is celebrating Buy Nothing Day in many cities around the world. The event was started 18 years ago by a Vancouver, Canada, artist. Buy Nothing Day encourages a 24 hour moratorium on consumer spending.… Read more ...

Link and early returns for NYC Mayor’s race

Both NBC and the NY Times have called the 2009 NYC Mayor race for Bloomberg. Though, there is not a big percentage of polling results in. And, as of 11 minutes ago, the AP says that Bloomberg and Thompson are in a close race. At NY1 there is a chart with numbers for all the third party candidates in races including Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, all the way to City Council members.… Read more ...