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Revolutionary Communist Party, USA: “Milwaukee Explodes in Righteous Rebellion as Police Kill Again!”


ATPR: The Revolutionary Communist Party USA (RCP, USA), founded in 1975 and led by Bob Avakian, is based in Chicago. A hardline Marxist Leninist and Maoist organization, the party is not active in electoral politics but does publish a weekly newspaper, The Revolution, and maintains several communist-themed bookstores across the nation.

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Politics in the Zeros, and Infoshop News on the effects of Marxist sects on the Anti-war and Pro-immigration movements

Bob Morris in Politics in the Zeros:

Why is the antiwar movement stalled?

In two words: the left

So says Raimondo at He is scathing against leftie ideologues who don’t want a right-left coalition to fight against the insane wars of the US because that might cut into their already absurdly small power bases.

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Revolutionary Communist Party’s Avakian reflects on Obama victory

The Revolutionary Communist Party USA has released correspondence from Chairman Bob Avakian regarding Barack Obama’s election to the presidency.

Avakian writes in part that “while tactically and in the short run, the election of Obama will create (and no doubt already is creating) some new difficulties for us — and this is likely to be especially so among Black people, many of whom are not surprisingly swallowing down the ‘Obama-aid’…in an overall and strategic sense there are important favorable factors in all this — provided that we continue to be grounded in and consistently apply our scientific communist outlook, method and approach.”… Read more ...