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Oregon’s Richard Burke Questioned About Flier Put Out By PAC

Richard Burke

From Politifact/Oregon
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Could Clackamas County residents have received nearly $48 million for police, fire and schools?

Local governments have long relied on urban renewal districts to redevelop blighted areas.

The districts temporarily freeze the amount of property taxes collected for public services such as police, fire protection and schools, then redirect the money to improvement projects inside the district.

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Legal Brief Filed by LNC Member for the Judicial Committee regarding the Oregon Ex Com Power Struggle

Independent Political Report has been sent a copy of a brief filed by an LNC member with the Judicial Committee regarding the power struggle in Oregon. Brad Ploeger, who is an alternate regional representative for Region 1, has filed a long brief with the Judicial Committee.

The past few months have seen the Ex Com from Oregon replaced by a new Ex Com by some members of the National Executive Committee.… Read more ...

Oregon Libertarians reform state party

From an article by Harry Heyoka on www.AllVoices.com

At their State Committee meeting March 31 — not April 1 — the governing body of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) adopted a new Constitution and Bylaws, abolishing dues and making all (and only) registered Libertarian voters in Oregon members of the state party.

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Oregon LP’s US Senate Candidate Delphine Pulls Logo

Hat tip to Steve Hoodjer for this story.

The Marc Delphine Libertarian for US Senate Campaign has accidentally used the logo of a major sports team.
The Campaign pulled the logo from their website immediately, and likewise removed it from their FaceBook page.

Yahoo News/Sports is reporting the story on their front page, with a headline saying the logo was “stolen”.… Read more ...