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Arkansas Green Party Submits 14,300 Signatures

The Green Party of Arkansas today submitted 14,300 signatures today in an attempt to get their party on the ballot. 10,000 valid signatures are required in order to qualify a party for the ballot in Arkansas.

If the petition is approved, that will be the third election year in a row in which the Green Party has completed this petition.

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Former Green Legislator Loses Democratic Primary in Arkansas

Richard Carroll, the former Green Party legislator in Arkansas, yesterday lost a Democratic primary race for State Senate. Ballot Access News reports:

Arkansas held its primaries on May 18. Richard Carroll was defeated for re-election in the Democratic primary, for State House, 39th district. Carroll had been elected as a Green Party legislator in 2008, but after the 2009 legislative session had ended, he had switched from the Green Party to the Democratic Party.

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Interview with Richard Carroll, former Green, currently Democratic, state representative

At 11 AM Eastern time, I will be interviewing Richard Carroll, the highest ranking elected Green in the nation until last week, when he switched his party affiliation.  If you have any questions, submit them here in the comments or call in at 646-200-0264.  You can also listen in by calling that number, or you can go to the blogtalkradio page, or you can just listen here:

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Richard Carroll on Independent Political Report Radio

For our second edition of Independent Political Report Radio, I (Ross Levin) will be interviewing Richard Carroll.  Carroll was the highest-ranking elected Green in the nation – he is a state representative in Arkansas – until last Friday, when he switched his affiliation to Democrat.  More information here. His legislative accomplishments include passing a bill to extent petitioning time for independent candidates and introducing a constitutional amendment to the Arkansas constitution that would allow atheists to hold office.… Read more ...

Richard Carroll, the highest ranking Green in the nation, will switch parties

Richard Carroll, the Green Party’s only state legislator in the nation, will be switching his affiliation to the Democratic party.  He is in Arkansas, where Democrats currently control 71 out of 100 seats in the state House.  As a Green, Carroll passed a bill that lengthened independent candidates’ time to petition and established a program for deaf pages in the state House, among other things. … Read more ...

Green Party elected official receives dubious award

(excerpt from) The Arkansas News
Now the prestigious Bubba Awards
By John Brummett / April 11, 2009

Here are the biennial Bubba Awards for notable achievement in the legislative session.

The Rainbow Award goes to freshman Rep. Richard Carroll of North Little Rock, a white man from the Green Party who got turned down by the Black Caucus…

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In Arkansas, Democrats again vote down inclusive debate bill

(excerpt from) Arkansas News
Panel again rejects bill to require inclusive debates
By John Lyon /Posted March 23, 2009

LITTLE ROCK — For the second time, the House Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs voted down a bill today aimed at heightening the profile of third-party and independent political candidates.

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Arkansas House Committee Rejects Third Party and Independent Bill

An Arkansas House committee has rejected two bills introduced by Representative Richard Carroll, the legislature’s only Green Party member, that would increase the exposure of third party and independent candidates in political campaigns.

One of the bills would require anyone who has been certified to appear on the ballot to be allowed to participate in election debates that take place at a site that receives public funds.

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Richard Carroll, Green state representative, attempts to make debates fair

State representative Richard Carroll of North Little Rock, Arkansas – the Green Party’s only state legislator – has introduced legislation in an attempt to make debates for elected office more fair in Arkansas.  The bill, if passed, would require that any site that receives public funding hosting a debate between candidates for public office needs to include all candidates for that particular office. … Read more ...

Rep. Richard Carroll introduces bill on religious freedom

The only Green Party state legislator in the country, Rep. Green Carroll of Arkansas, has introduced a bill into his legislature to expand religious freedom to athiests.

Last week Rep. Richard Carroll (G-North Little Rock) introduced a bill that would amend the state constitution to remove the anti-atheist rule, which says, “No person who denies the being of a God shall hold any office in the civil departments of this State, nor be competent to testify as a witness in any court.”

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Polidoc Productions: Breaking through the Black Ceiling

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Babette Hogan. Posted to IPR by Paulie. Originally published at polidoc by Babette Hogan.

This year, we have seen at least two unlikely political newcomers attempt to enter their respective Black Caucuses. One is a newly elected “pro-environmental” “Republican” person of Vietnamese descent in New Orleans, Louisiana, Joseph Cao.… Read more ...

Green Party Watch: Arkansas Green Legislator gets his first bill passed

Posted at Green Party Watch by Walter Pituc. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

Richard Carroll, G-North Little Rock, who is the sole Green Party member that is part of a state legislature, had his first authored bill pass in the Arkansas State House. It’s about electoral reform and increasing the petition gathering period for new parties and independents from 60 days to 90 days

I’m really glad that this is one of Representative Carroll’s priorities.… Read more ...