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Minor party candidates in Connecticut

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Green Party candidate for Congress qualifies for ballot in Connecticut; supports impeachment and war crimes trials for Bush, Cheney

The Bridgeport, Connecticut News reports:

Richard Duffee has qualified for the ballot as the Green Party candidate for Congress in the Fourth Congressional District, which includes Bridgeport.

Duffee said he has received notification from the secretary of the state’s office. Duffee has unsuccessfully run for the seat in the past.

The district now is represented by Republican Congressman Christopher Shays, who is facing a challenge from Democrat Jim Himes.

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Connecticut: Nader on, Barr off

The Hartford Courant reports Libertarian Bob Barr “didn’t make the November election ballot in Connecticut,” making Connecticut “one of six states and the District of Columbia” where Barr “isn’t confirmed on the ballot.” However, independent Ralph Nader “made the cut,” and “all five state congressional districts will include a Green Party candidate on their ballots,” a “first-time achievement for that party, though it wasn’t able to get Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney a slot.… Read more ...