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Larry West: Ballot Status and Registered Write-In Status By Presidential Candidate, 2012

From IPR comments, original research by Larry West as to which presidential candidates are on the ballot in which states, and which ones are registered write-in candidates in which states. Larry West is the only source for this information and I have not attempted to verify or correct it, but corrections – preferably with links to sources/evidence – are welcome in the comments.Read more ...

23 Presidential candidates are on the ballot in at least one state

Ballot Access News reports

This year, 23 presidential candidates are on the ballot in at least one state. That is the highest in U.S. history except for 1992, when there were also 23. Generally there are more such candidates in periods of great public unhappiness.

Here is a list, with the predominant party label for each, and the percentage of the voters that will see their names on the ballot:

Barack Obama, Democratic, 100.0%

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Fascists, unarchists, Nader, and Barr

California’s North Coast Journal continues its look at some lesser-known presidential candidates, this time profiling independent Richard Duncan, United Fascist Union candidate Jack Grimes, and Unarchy candidate Donald Sauter.

The Journal also handicaps the “race for third place,” saying independent Ralph Nader is likely to top Libertarian Bob Barr: “There’s confusion in the political camp that spawned Ron Paul, former Libertarian presidential candidate turned Republican mystic.… Read more ...