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Constitution Party’s Platform Committee Adds Personhood to Pro-Life Plank

Independent Political Report has learned that the Constitution Party’s platform committee has, in the words of one activist, “Strengthened it’s strongest plank” by adding language praising “Personhood” to the Pro-Life plank of the platform.

Several of the Constitution Party’s longtime activists have been involved in the Personhood movement, including Les Riley of Mississippi and Rick Jore of Montana–both of whom ran their states’ respective Personhood initiatives.… Read more ...

Former Rep. Rick Jore to Address Missoula Teaparty

The Missoula, Montana,  Tax Day Tea Party will feature a familiar face for third party aficionados, former Rep. Rick Jore will be addressing the gathering. The former representative from Ronan is one of the local leaders of the Constitution Party of Montana and the only Constitution Party member to ever be elected to a state legislature.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Oregon holds state convention

The Constitution Party of Oregon held its’ statewide convention on June 7th and nominated a slate of candidates for Federal and State offices.

U.S. President – Chuck Baldwin – www.baldwin2008.com
U.S. Vice-President – Darrell Castle
U.S. Senate – Dave Brownlow – www.davebrownlow.com
U.S House District 1 – Scott Semrau
U.S House District 2 – Rick Hake – www.rickhake.com
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Rick Jore’s initiative

Rick Jore, the Constitution Party state legislator from Montana, has decided not to run for re-election in 2008 and instead has thrown his energies into a pro-life constitutional amendment. This amendment needs 44,000 signatures to reach the Montana general election ballot in November. Rick Jore’s initiative has recieved a lot of press attention in and around Montana and is similar to another “personhood amendment” in Colorado.… Read more ...