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NY Conservative Party names Carl Paladino its gubernatorial candidate

(excerpt from) NY Daily News
by Celeste Katz / September 29, 2010 4:44 PM

The state Conservative Party just okayed Republican Carl Paladino as their gubernatorial candidate in a voice vote, our Glenn Blain reports.

The vote came after Paladino’s former GOP primary rival, ex-Rep.Rick

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Rick Lazio drops out of NY Governor race, from his spot on the Conservative Party ballot

About 12:30 today via Capital Tonight‘s Twitter: “Lazio officially drops out of Gubernatorial Race”.

Ballot line concern from NY1: “The Conservative Party has until tomorrow [Tuesday, September 28] to decide whether to endorse Paladino. The party needs a candidate who can get 50,000 votes in the November elections in order for the party to remain viable…”

[Note: A Story at Capital Tonight seems to contradict the Tuesday deadline, by suggesting that the NY Conservative Party will have a statewide convention to determine who to put on the ballot line on Wednesday.]

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Rick Lazio, Conservative Party Candidate

For Rick Lazio, the losing candidate in the Republican Primary to take on Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York, it was a sombre scene. For those who follow third party politics, it was a bit more interesting. The Albany Times-Union reports:

After Paladino’s Buffalo victory speech, Rick Lazio came out and gave a quick concession speech: “We wish we had a different outcome but we’re proud of the quality and character of this campaign,” he said.

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New York Libertarians weigh in on Republican Primary for Governor

Celeste Katz reports at NY Daily News,

“I’m not a fan of Lazio and of course I’ll vote for myself and the Libertarian ticket in November, but Carl Paladino would be a disgrace to the Republican Party. His boorish extremism would help the Democrats in a number of close races, especially in the State Senate,” said Redlich, who’s a member of the Guilderland Town Board.

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