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NY Conservative Party names Carl Paladino its gubernatorial candidate

(excerpt from) NY Daily News
by Celeste Katz / September 29, 2010 4:44 PM

The state Conservative Party just okayed Republican Carl Paladino as their gubernatorial candidate in a voice vote, our Glenn Blain reports.

The vote came after Paladino’s former GOP primary rival, ex-Rep.Rick Lazio, withdrew from the race this week…

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Rick Lazio drops out of NY Governor race, from his spot on the Conservative Party ballot

About 12:30 today via Capital Tonight‘s Twitter: “Lazio officially drops out of Gubernatorial Race”.

Ballot line concern from NY1: “The Conservative Party has until tomorrow [Tuesday, September 28] to decide whether to endorse Paladino. The party needs a candidate who can get 50,000 votes in the November elections in order for the party to remain viable…”

[Note: A Story at Capital Tonight seems to contradict the Tuesday deadline, by suggesting that the NY Conservative Party will have a statewide convention to determine who to put on the ballot line on Wednesday.]

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Rick Lazio, Conservative Party Candidate

For Rick Lazio, the losing candidate in the Republican Primary to take on Andrew Cuomo for Governor of New York, it was a sombre scene. For those who follow third party politics, it was a bit more interesting. The Albany Times-Union reports:

After Paladino’s Buffalo victory speech, Rick Lazio came out and gave a quick concession speech: “We wish we had a different outcome but we’re proud of the quality and character of this campaign,” he said.

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New York Libertarians weigh in on Republican Primary for Governor

Celeste Katz reports at NY Daily News,

“I’m not a fan of Lazio and of course I’ll vote for myself and the Libertarian ticket in November, but Carl Paladino would be a disgrace to the Republican Party. His boorish extremism would help the Democrats in a number of close races, especially in the State Senate,” said Redlich, who’s a member of the Guilderland Town Board.

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Paladino now says he will actively campaign if he loses Republican nomination

Posted by Samuel Wilson at the Think 3 Institute:

…Carl Paladino is raising the stakes by going back on an earlier promise to stand down from his newly-created Taxpayers Party line should he lose the GOP nod to Rick Lazio. Paladino now says that he will campaign actively as the Taxpayers candidate if Lazio wins the Republican primary.

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Third party NY Governor candidates get great ink: Story at Albany’s Times Union

Hat tip to the Daily News political blog for the link.

(excerpt from) Albany Times Union on-line
Rebels with causes use ideas to fuel bids
By Jimmy Vielkind / Friday, September 10, 2010

(As the story notes, for the third party candidates featured below, “There’s one hurdle left: The State Board of Elections meets next Thursday [September 16, 2010] — two days after the state primaries — to vote on the candidates for the general election ballot.”)… Read more ...

Lazio, Paladino and their alternative party backup plans

According to Quinnipiac polling, “Former Congressman Rick Lazio leads businessman Carl Paladino 47 – 35 percent among New York State Republican likely primary voters in the race for Governor, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. But 18 percent of Republican voters remain undecided and 49 percent of those who do name a candidate say they might change their mind before the September 14 primary.… Read more ...

Green Howie Hawkins: 911, the Mosque and “why do republican rightwingers hate our freedom”

On The Wilder Side:

Notes from the Wilders:

Correct website for Green Party of New York State is www.gpny.org

Howie Hawkins tells us about the 1st amendment of the Constitution. Freedom of religion is the cornerstone to what our forefathers envisioned as a free society. With all the troubles of the working class in New York, these rightwing politicians only want to talk about “the 911 Mosque”.… Read more ...

Conservative Party of New York State campaigns against ‘Mosque at Ground Zero’


Conservatives to Con Ed: No Mosque at Ground Zero

CPNYS Cordoba ConEd from Howard Lim, Jr. on Vimeo.

Watch our new ad, then call Andrew Cuomo

CPNYS Mosque Lazio Cuomo from Howard Lim, Jr. on Vimeo.

In case you missed Chairman Long debating on the Cordba Mosque on Fox 5 NY this morning, you can view the segment here.… Read more ...

New York Conservative Party Primary Battle Looms

The Conservative Party of New York is one of the most powerful state-level third parties in the nation. This year three candidates are simultaneously running for both the GOP nomination and the Conservative Party nomination for Governor of New York. Those candidates are Steve Levy, Carl Paladino, and Rick Lazio. However, Lazio has the endorsement of the convention and of the state chairman.… Read more ...

Carl Paladino Runs For Republican and Conservative Line, May Create “Tea Party” Line

On April 5th Carl Paladino, New York Millionaire and Real Estate mogul, declared his candidacy for Governor of New York. He has pledged to spend up to $10 million of his own money on the race and is considered a favorite of conservative tea party activists. His campaign website says of his party affiliations and aspirations:

Carl is seeking the Republican and Conservative Party endorsements in this race, but he is not the candidate of political bosses.

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Conservatives, Libertarians, Greens, Tea Party and other alternative choices for Governor of New York

Samuel Wilson writes at The Think3 Institute:

Three Choices for NY Conservatives

The New York gubernatorial race is getting more interesting on the right. As expected, Conservative party leaders endorsed Rick Lazio this weekend, but their verdict doesn’t guarantee him Row D this November. He doesn’t become the party’s official nominee until its convention takes place in June.

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